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Sunday, the only day we slaves didn't have to work for we would spend our day at church with family and friends.

Outside the little cabin that was provided to us as a church, I sat under a large tree enjoy the warm spring day. "Hello, (y/n), " A familiar voice calls to me with a neigh from a horse following behind. I look up to see Mr. Jefferson with a bright smile on his face as he held the rope attached the harness of the horse next to him.

"Oh, hello, Mr. Jefferson, " I replied. "Interesting to find you out here instead of being in church with the other's, " he added. "I suppose, but it is such a nice day I couldn't but sit out here under this tree and enjoy the nice weather, " I explained. "I agree, it's a very lovely day, perfect for a horse ride, " he said as he pets the main of the horse.

"That's a beautiful horse, what's its name?" I asked as I stood up from my spot under the tree. "His name is Chestnut, " he answered. I pet the humble animal while it drew close to me as it grew to enjoy my touch. "It seems that he likes you, " Mr. Jefferson laughed. "It appears so, " I giggled as Mr. Jefferson mounted himself onto the horse.

"Would you like to join me for a ride, dear?" Mr. Jefferson asked as he held his hand out to me. "Oh, I don't know. I've never been on a horse ride before, " I responded. "It's very fun, but you'll never know unless you try it, " he smirked as I finally gave in and I grabbed his hand. He helped me onto the horse as I sat in front of him while he wrapped an arm around me, in his other hand he held the reigns of the horse tightly. As he pulled onto the reigns, Chestnut took off at fast speeds.

I enjoyed every second of the fast winds blowing my hair as I got to see the many beauties ole' Virginia offered to the naked eye. Mr. Jefferson pulled on the reigns, slowing down the horse to trot down a gravel path to give dear Chestnut a break. "How was that for your first horse ride? " Mr. Jefferson inquired. "It was marvelous! Such a fun activity, why, my heart is racing from the pure excitement from it, " I responding, beaming with joy.
"Perhaps I shall bring you horse riding more often. Would you like that?" Mr. Jefferson asked. "Absolutely, I would like to do this much more often, " I responded. "Then after you finish your duties, you're allowed to ride Chestnut around the plantation, " Mr. Jefferson stated. "Thank you ever so much, Mr. Jefferson. I surely don't deserve your kindness, " I spoke. "Nonsense, your sweetness, and loyalty are enough to earn my kindness and respect, " he spoke as he turned Chestnut around, riding back to the plantation as the sun set in the east.

I watched as Mr. Jefferson returned Chestnut back to his pen. "You should return to your quarters for some rest, you'll need it, " Mr. Jefferson insisted. "Then I shall be off. Goodnight Mr. Jefferson, and good night to you Chestnut, " I replied as Chestnut neighed to me in response. "Good night, dear, " Mr. Jefferson said as I made my way to my quarters.

I walk in to find Daniele reading a book as he lazily lounged on his bed. "Daniele, where did you get that?" I asked him. "From Annie, she has a shelf of books of all kinds that she allows me to read from, " Daniele answered as he continued to read. "I thought slaves aren't allowed to read?" I questioned. "You're right on that, but Annie can't help herself from reading a book every now and then. So Mr. Jefferson had given her some books he no longer wanted, that why Annie has books, " Daniele said, still not hesitating to look up from the stingy book, so I pulled it right out of his hands. "You and Annie. Annie this, Annie that, oh, Annie is just the most interesting woman a man could lay eyes on. If she means that much to you, how about you court her?" I complained as Daniele pulled the book back from me. "Now you hush. I don't feel that way, and Annie would be better off with any other gentleman then I, " he said finding his place in his book. "Annie wouldn't be able to find a man such as yourself. You're a hardworking man, you know how to read, write, cook, goodness gracious, you can even dance. Not only that, I believe you and Annie could end up with such beautiful children, " I spoke mischievously. "You and your thoughts are the cruelest things in my existence, " Daniele ranted, his cheeks darkening.

"I do want to ask about where you were; for you weren't at church, " Daniele questioned. "If you would like to know, I was with Mr. Jefferson, " I spoke as I prepared for bed. "What were you doing with him?" Daniele inquired. "He simply took me on a horse ride. How wonderful and exciting it was; the wind blowing through my hair as my heart pumped furiously with the fast pace, " I beamed as I hugged my pillow tightly, remember the events from earlier. "I see, well I'm going to sleep and you should too. We're going to need as much sleep as we can get, " Daniele said blowing out the lamp and going to bed. However, I laid fully awake in my bed with my eyes shut, imagining myself on a horse ride under the morning sun, but eventually falling asleep.

I end up waking up much earlier than I usually would, even Daniele was still asleep. I got dressed for the day and I left my quarters. As I walk into the estate, it seemed so dull and lifeless. I decided to go ahead and get an early start on my duties. After finishing cleaning the studies and the library, all that was left was to clean Mr. Jefferson's room.

I slowly opened the door, quietly I crept inside. It must be extremely early for even Mr. Jefferson was still fast asleep. I laughed at the sight of him, his hand dangling off his bed as his mouth hanged open as he snored. I took my time cleaning the room to avoid him waking up. As I cleaned his desk of ink stains, I ended up knocking over Mr. Jefferson's swivel chair, this causing a loud crash to be heard. I look across the room to see Mr. Jefferson's head pop up instantly from the bed as he looked over to me with a tired expression. I smiled awkwardly as I picked up the chair.

"Goodness, you had me scared out of my skin woman, " Mr. Jefferson hissed as he got out his bed, putting his robe and slippers on. "I deeply apologize Mr. Jefferson, " I stammered. "Why are you even up this early?" He requested. "I simply woke up very early, so I decided to spend my time by going ahead and getting my duties out of the way and perhaps go on a quick horse ride when I finished for you did say I could ride Chestnut once I was finished with my chores," I stated as Mr. Jefferson sighed. "I'm sorry that I woke you, Mr. Jefferson. However, I never thought that you snore, " I laughed. "I do not snore in my sleep, " he grunted. "On the contrary, you very much do sir, " I added. "Now that that's enough, " he blushed.

"Be a lamb and fetch me an outfit from the closet, " Mr. Jefferson commanded and I laid out a simple, practical outfit from the closet.

As Mr. Jefferson took off his slippers, he let the robe fall off his arms, but before he took out his night-attire he looked at me dead in the eye. "Shall I not have any privacy while I change?" He joked as cover my eyes with my hand as I giggled to myself. "It's fine for you to look now, " he sighed as I uncovered my eyes to only look at Mr. Jefferson's bare chest, which made me flush. I brought Mr. Jefferson a clean, white shirt as he slipped his arms through the sleeves, I buttoned up the shirt.

"I never bothered to ask, but is it alright for me to refer to you with such pet-names as 'dear' or 'lamb', or does that make you uncomfortable?" Mr. Jefferson inquired as he watched closely at my hands put each button through the hole. "I don't mind them in the slightest, in fact, I quite enjoy them, " I answer. "If had a pet-name, what would you call me, " he questioned. "Well, since your first name is Thomas, I would perhaps call you 'Tommy', " I explained. "At one point, a very dear person I knew used to call me 'Tommy', " Mr. Jefferson added as I fixed the collar of his shirt. "Do you mind if I call you 'Tommy', Mr.Jefferson? " I inquired. "I wouldn't mind, for hearing you call me 'Tommy' makes my day ever so better, " he answered as he put on his waistcoat with me buttoning it up as well. Me. Jefferson proceeded to put on his coat, which completed the look nicely.

As he stood in front of the mirror, he tidied himself by buttoning the cuffs on the sleeves and fixing his unruly hair, which I originally thought looked okay. "You look very ravishing, Tommy, " I smirked as I laid my head on his shoulder, which I received much comfort from. "Thank you, my dear. Now, how about you go to the stables, I'm sure Chestnut eagerly awaits your arrival, " Mr. Jefferson chimed, which instantly brought a smile to my face. "Oh indeed; I assume I shall see you later today, won't I, Tommy?" I questioned. "Absolutely, lord knows how I love your company. Goodbye, my dear, " he replied as I left his room quickly making my way over to the stables to see the familiar animal that I would ride away on under the bright spring sun.

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