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/One Week Later/

Alivias POV
It's been a week since the accident with Ethan. He hasn't gotten any better since the day he went into the hospital. I don't think Lisa has even seen her own son since the accident because she couldn't get herself there. I have been going over the Dolan's house more often and becoming closer to them. I pulled into the driveway after school on Friday because Lisa invited me over dinner. I agreed because I knew that she needed more comfort than she was just getting from her family. I parked my car and walked through the front door. I saw Lisa cooking in the kitchen while Grayson was trying to touch the food with his hand. She turned around and saw me. She smiled at me and continued what she was doing. The smile she had was a smile that had hurt behind it. I walked in and said, "Hello Lisa What are you making?" She didn't stop what she was doing and said, "I'm making spaghetti. I'm having a bit of a lazy night." I shook my head and sat at the table. I heard the door open and saw Sean walk in. He hung his jacket up and hugged Grayson as he ran up to him. "Where were you? You were scaring me because you usually never come home this late." He said, "I was just at the hospital seeing Ethan." When he said that her face went solid as she was holding back tears, but didn't let them fall and continued making the meal.

We sat around the table and was eating a very quite meal. But this was the kind of quite that isn't a comforting way. It was very tense as we ate our meal. I said," "Lisa, this is very good." Trying to break the tension. "Thank you, It is supposed to be homemade but I didn't have a good day today." I said, "Well I think it still taste very well." She continued smiling as we finished eating our meal. When it was over I went and helped Lisa with the dishes as Grayson and Sean went somewhere else inside the house. I walked and laid the dishes inside the sink as she started hand washing them. I think she needs to go and see him, at least once. So I'm going to try and make her go and see Ethan. "You know, maybe if you go and see Ethan, you'll have a little bit more, comfort I guess is the word." She sighed as she stopped doing the dishes. "Everyday I try and make myself go but I can't do it. Since I take care of Grayson it's been a little hard since he looks like like Ethan and if he goes I'll always have a reminder of him. But you know maybe your right, if I go and see him maybe I will get some comfort that he is better than I think." I smiled and said, "So you'll go?" She shook her head yes slowly. "Do you think you can go? To make me feel a little better since I've been with you so much." I said, "Of course I'll go." She smiled as she finished cleaning the dishes. When she was done she walked around looking for Grayson. She found him in his bedroom and she walked up to him. "Do you want to come with mom to see Ethan?" He continued to sit on the floor and she stood behind him for a little before leaving. "He doesn't want to be bothered right now," she said. We made our way downstairs as Sean saw us leaving. "Where are you you guys going?" Lisa said, "Were going to see Ethan," she said kind of downcast. He came over and said, "Alright. I think it's good how your finally going to see him. Isn't Grayson coming with you?" She shook her head no and said, "He doesn't want to be bothered right now." He shook his head as an okay and kissed Lisa as we made our way out the door and to her car.

We pulled into a parking spot as Lisa too a shaky breath. "Hey, you'll be okay," I said to her. She kind of shook her head as we stepped out of the car. We went up to the floor and stood at the door. She opened the door to see the body still laying in the bed. She walked over slowly and stared down at her son with no expression. Before I knew it she started crying. "I knew I couldn't do this," she said through her tears. "Well I think you can. You made it here. Your standing here looking at him. Just know that he's not gone alright? And he's not going to be." She said, "That actually makes me feel I a little better." She started wiping the tears off here face as she pulled up a chair and held onto her sons hand. I thought I saw a finger move but I haven't been sleeping very well and thought I was seeing things. But then I saw it again and so did Lisa. "Ethan?!" I saw a small slight in his eyes his as he started to begin to open his eyes. "Oh my god Ethan?! I'm going to call your father okay?" He just looked at her as she ran out of the room and I'm guessing told a doctor because in a matter of minutes, the doctor walked in. "It's nice to see the awake Ethan. I'm going to that tube out of your throat soon so be sure to see that coming," the doctor said smiling at him.

I got kicked out of the room as they took the tube out. Lisa said she was going to wait for Sean and Grayson come out in the waiting room. They walked out and said I could go back in. I saw Ethan laying in bed and a smile came on his face. "Hi Ethan," I said. "Hi Alivia."

Ethans POV
"Hi Alivia," I said with a raspy voice. I looked at her as she sat smiling at me. I heard the door open and saw my mom, my dad, and of course Grayson. I smiled as Grayson came up to me and hugged me a little hard and I hugged back. "Hi Grayson," I said. All he did was smile but he doesn't need to say hi back for me. A doctor walked in and said, "Hello again Ethan, now that you can talk I want to asks you some questions alright?" I shook my head yes as he started asking me questions. "Do you have pain anywhere?" I said, "My back and my neck is really hurting but that's it." He shook his head as he wrote some stuff down. "Alright I'm going to take this pen and move it along your feet and legs and tell me if you can feel it." I said okay as he moved it along the bottom of my foot. If I couldn't see my feet I wouldn't even know that he was touching my feet. He then moved to my legs and it was the same. "Alright can you lift your legs?" I tried as hard as I could but couldn't. It was like my legs were stones that with no matter how much force, they wouldn't move. He saw this and wrote something on his clipboard. I pulled my parents out in the hallway as Alivia and Grayson stayed in the room. "What's wrong with me," I asked. She said that she didn't know. My mom came back in with tears in her eyes as the doctor came in behind them. He didn't look as happy as he did when he cane in before this. "Ethan, I don't have some good news. Based off the test, you are paralyzed from the waist down. We are going to be doing surgery in a couple days to fix the damage in your spine but there is a very small percentage that you'll ever walk again. I'm very sorry." He walked out of the room as my parents started crying and even Alivia did. All I could do was sit there. I don't know if I want to be mad or sad. I'll probably never be able to play football again, walk around with Grayson. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

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