finally 17

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I opened My eyes to my sister Alex yelling in my face "IT'S ALIVE! AND 17." I groaned and got up. I got ready for school. I curled my blondish brownish hair and wore a baby blue and white ombre dress with gold gladiator sandals. We got into my sister's car and drove off to school. Once we got out of the car, we were bombarded with people yelling happy birthday to me and Alex's mate Brenner took her away. Ew. She's pregnant too. I mainly looked for my mate. Today i was supposed to find my soulmate. My reason to live. But i had a feeling i wouldn't see him till later. 'He's not here.' My wolf Leena glumly said. 'i know Leena, i know' i walked to my first hour. Today was going to either the the best or worst day of my life.

Short chapter i know. Next one will be longer. Hehe i love you followers btw and i want more lol but goodbye!

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