46. Let's Paint The Sky

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"The loneliest people are the kindest

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"The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do."


"A little bit to the left, dad!" I said, seated steadily on dad's shoulders while trying to paint the last star on the ceiling above the spot my bed was positioned on.

Dad laughed and obeyed my command. "What about now?"

I raised my arm up to the ceiling and painted another star with a small paintbrush dipped in golden paint. I smiled triumphantly as I said, "Done. It's perfect."

Mia seated on my bay window gave us two thumbs up with a beaming smile stretched across her face. "It looks amazing!"

Dad bent down so I could jump down from his shoulders. He turned around and high-fived me with a big smile on his face, making his eyes crinkle.

"Thanks for doing this with me, dad," I said, smiling appreciatively.

Dad kissed my forehead. "No problem. It was about time we brought the golden stars back anyway."

Suddenly, dad raised his brows briefly and smiled at the sight of something or someone behind me. I turned around and saw Cayden standing in the doorway with two cups of Oreo McFlurry in his hands and a brown paper bag of what I assumed was French fries.

"Wow. It looks great," Cayden said as he smiled up at the part of the ceiling covered in golden stars.
He wasn't in the dark blue hoodie he wore when he dropped me off at Heaven's earlier today, but in a plain gray t-shirt.

Dad patted his shoulder and Mia offered him a friendly smile, which he returned. Once they left the room and we heard their steps distancing as they headed downstairs, Cayden put the ice cream cups and the bag of fries on the bookshelf next to him and shut the door behind him. And then before I even realized it, he was stomping towards me with an outraged glare.

"You lied! It wasn't hot chocolate! It was tomato soup! I'm going to kill you!"

People would've fled in the opposite direction by now, but I wasn't any of those "people". I was Maya Greene, the girl who fell in love with the real, kitten-like, SpongeBob and salty fries lover, selfless and soft Cayden Bloom. Not the cold, scary, violent bad boy Cayden Bloom that people thought he was.

He was chasing me around the room now.

"You know, you keep forgetting I do underground boxing. I am dangerous. You should be scared-"

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