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Stupid mother fucking teacher I hate the bitch so much, shes a stupid little attention seeking whore that does nothing but ruin families and steal people's dads. Confused? I'll explain...

I was in Year 8 and she was my English teacher back in Bradford at my secondary school. She used to always pick on me and point me out , so when I stood up to her one day she wanted to speak to my parents, My dad. I got made to stay behind at the end of the day, when my dad came in, I couldn't help but notice that she was eyeing my father up!

"Hello, sir. I'm Charlotte's teacher, here to talk about her behaviour." She purred.

My dad wasn't shocked at her flirting, he actually flirted back! Not only was they flirting but she lied mostly about my behaviour and asked for another 'meeting' about me, He was literally planning a date right in front of me! I tried to tell mum but she wasn't having any of it.

"Your dad loves us, he would never do that." She replied.

But he did do just that, 4 months later he packed his bags and left us for her, moving countries and I never saw him again.

 And now I found the bitch. I'm going to ruin her life so bad, I'm going to make sure that my two months of heaven here are 2 months of pure hell for her, I'm not going alone, I'm going to need the power of the Janoskians, A few camera's, Ideas, the internet and of course Jess, who also hates her.

 "Jess!" I shouted when we were leaving the school.

"What?" She screamed back.

"You know Mrs Hill?" I replied. By then Jai, Luke and James had caught up to us and was engaged in the conversation.

"Our old english teacher?" She replied, confused.

"Yeah the whore who stole my dad?" I said.

"Wait, Mrs Hill my English teacher?" James said.

"Yeah that little whore is my english teacher for two weeks!" I shouted.

"No fucking way! We have to get revenge!" Jess said.

"Oh we are, don't worry."


"Beau we need you help!" I said as I walked through his front door with the boys and Jess.

"Have a nice day at school?" He snapped.

"Yeah actually I bumped into an old teacher of mine and I-" I started.

"Yeah and you would rather be doing pointless pages of maths that come see me."

"Beau will you Just list- Skip? What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I got excluded for 2 days." He said, walking into the room eating a banana.

"For that stupid little prank?" I asked.

"Yeah." He replied.



"Do not make eye contact with me while your eating a banana." I said.

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