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For those of you who have already re-submitted your story, you may have taken the opportunity to drop us a quick message. Some of you are asking questions, others are dropping us suggestions, some of you have things you're worried about, but most of you just wanted to say hi! As promised, we'll be keeping this page updated in response to the messages we receive and we've categorised them based on their general content.

Do votes and view counts matter?

No. Your story's view count and vote count don't hold any weight in this contest, nor does your follower count. They have about as much weight in this contest as the position of Jupiter. This contest is judged purely on literary merit, meaning you could've only just signed up to Wattpad the day before the contest and have as much chance of winning as somebody who has been here a long time.

I'm really enjoying this contest, how do I join the team/become a Wattpad Ambassador?

As it stands, the team is made up only of Ambassadors, so it would mean joining the Ambassador Program in order to join us on the Open Novella Team. You can apply to join the Ambassadors via the official Ambassadors page and all the information you'll need is in the Ambassador Program Guide Book. You're more than welcome to come help out behind the scenes if you make it through!

How do I know for sure that my story has been successfully submitted?

If you saw the confirmation page at the end of the form (after you hit the Submit button) then it means we have your entry stored. Entries get stored automatically on a spreadsheet so we can judge them.

What kind of contests and other events do the Ambassadors run?

We run all sorts! Mostly monthly. Most of our profiles have a contest book that will run short contests, suggest prompts and present creative challenges for you. The Ambassadors page has a profile directory so you can see all of the profiles we run, too. You are also welcome to check out the list of profiles the Open Novella Contest page follows. We also run the AimToEngage event every year, whereby participants are given a new literary challenge every day.

Are we allowed to know our scores?

Unfortunately we're not able to divulge individual scores. We're quite open about how the contest works, but we do keep the scoring only amongst our judging team. What we can tell you is that if you qualified for the next round it means your story scored above average.

On the submissions form, can we select from more genres/sub genres?

It's not a no, but it's not really needed. We sort stories by the primary genre you select and use the secondary genre to give our judges an idea of what it's likely to entail. You're welcome to use the tags section in your story summary to give us a more rounded picture of what your story is about, plus you'll also attract more readers this way as well.

Can you run the contest twice a year?

We would love to! But we do also run other contests all year round and the Open Novella Contest takes a whole lot of planning and management. We generally leave the summer time free of big events like this one since the Wattys run from around June to August. We may run an Open Novella spin-off contest later in the year, however, but it's still in the planning stages.

How do I get my writing out to the world/how do I promote it better?

Getting exposure on Wattpad isn't something that happens overnight, but the general rule is the more you put in the more you'll get out of it. A few things you can do are to update regularly, interact with other users and visit their stories, and to leave meaningful comments on the stories you enjoy. Frequent updates attract readers and keep them coming back, and proper use of tags will help new readers know what to expect. Share your work on social media, visit the Wattpad Clubs (forums) and support your fellow writers -- you'll soon make connections. You can also visit the howtousewattpad page for more tips.

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