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Author's note: This story is based on the animation film "Zootopia". All rights reserved for Disney and Pixar studios. All rights reserved for the creators of the animation personas Violet, Cooper, as well as for other possible characters. All rights reserved for the creators of the images uploaded. 

All rights reserved for the author of the present story, as referring to the headline,story cover, plot, the text and a part of the cast.

Judy flounced on the sofa and stared at the TV screen. It was Sunday, but Nick was absent because he was mobilized on an urgent case by the ZPD. Judy was off – duty, but still, she had a lot of work to do and Nick had decided to spare her the pressure of official responsibilities. This was very nobly of him. Once again, he proved to be a loving husband and parent and realized his wife had to watch over their child. The bond between Judy and Violet had to be strong and unbreakable. "Because" as Nick thought and Judy supported him "No one is a better babysitter for you than your own mom".

Though Judy was a bit suspicious of Nick, they loved each other like never before. Truly, Nick had loved her even before their daughter's birth, but since Violet was born, he had become extremely caring towards his family. In the meantime, Judy felt uneasy and worried. She had a complete professional attitude. Her's and Nick's work often involved taking the life at risk, and if the case was THAT urgent... then there was a high probability Nick had gone at a place where serious danger was imminent.

Judy shuddered as she thought what might be happening in the city. During the last few months, criminal activity had become more intense: burglaries, arsons, robberies, kidnappings, blackmailing, phone scams, even acts of terrorism - bomb threats, hostages and so on, all security departments were on high alert. Judy felt insecure even in the family apartment. She was ready to make a call, once she noticed a break – in attempt. Judy didn't care so much about her own life though, most essential was her child.

Violet slept in the kinder bedroom. Judy went to oversee her. She entered the room and sat on a chair next to the bed. When she looked at her daughter, a tear drop fell off her eye. Violet was gorgeous. Her face emanated peace, with close eyes she looked like a shining star. Judy stood still for a moment, hypnotized by her kid, unable to make a single move. Some time passed before she could hustle up. Judy gently caressed her daughter's forehead. Violet smiled, grabbed her fingers and opened her eyes. Judy was so adored and proud that she started crying out of happiness.

"My gorgeous daughter!" she said as she picked Violet up from the bed. "Good morning, sweetheart!" Judy said, although it was evening already. Moments after saying that, Judy realized the fact. Nick was still not home. Suddenly, she grew worried.

Judy put Violet down on the bed and went to the kitchen, where she had left her phone. She grabbed it and dialed Nick's number. But after he didn't answer several calls, Judy decided to contact the Central Office, where she and Nick worked.

"Hello?" Clawhauser's voice came from the other side. "ZPD department. Reception desk!"

"Clawhauser!" Judy spoke with a trembling tone "Clawhauser, do you have any idea where Nick is?"

"Who is Nick? Oh, Judy, is that you?" Clawhauser was usually suspicious to anyone who phoned him and talked with reserves. But now that he heard Judy's trembling voice, he grew worried as well.

"Um, I have no clue, Judy. But I can link you with the chief." He responded, as he dialed the number. "Hello? Chief Bogo, Judy wants to speak to you."

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