chapter one

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So it all started when i entered tenth grade. I never imagined that i could possible fall for a six former the way I did.

Me Samantha Andrews is so crushing over God knows who a hot sixth former. He's just recently joined our school and damn I can't stop starting at him.

I don't have much friends because am a introvert and not a very friendly person to say. And also I study very hard so I don't have much time to socialize with others.

At school am always bullied and picked on because of my different hair colour and accent that I have. Others envy me because am more attractive to boys and even because I get better grades than them. But what should I do fail exams so they can like me. Hek no!!

They always pick fight with me because am small in body and very slim. They even shove me in the lockers at school and sometimes only get to come out the other day. They take my lunch money and throw my books all over the floor. But still I can't do nothing about it.

Cause am afraid of being thrown out of school. So I'll have to bear it. If I had loving and caring parents who really cared about me then my life school life to be specific would have been much more better since out of school i have to work just to feed myself and go to school.

I have to work as a baby sitter and a maid just to pay rent and to eat food. I'm not even paid much, and yet still at school the so called 'popular kids' take my money from me. If only they knew.

Yes if only they knew am not the type of girl they expect. Am not the girl that lives in a big house with lots of maid but instead I live in a very small house and being the maid. If only they knew they wouldn't treat me the way they do.

I have only joined this school to make friends so I can share my troubles with but instead am being troubled. Am a very sad person who has no one to share my pain with. To bad I don't have a happy ending story like the princesses in the fairytale books.

I never had a boyfriend, neither do I have boys looking at me while I walk down the corridor. Well except for this nerd who wear extremely huge glasses and walk with a asthma pump everywhere he goes.

Who would want to be with him. No one and especially not me. He even always drains mouth water all over the place. Ewwwww I can't stand him.

He isn't that bad tho cause he carries my stuffs to class for me even even write my notes. Gosh he really likes me but too bad it can't be reciprocated. I always wanted a life like this. And I got it but with the dumbest boy in tenth grade.

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