Chapter Twenty Seven

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"No!" I exclaimed forcefully, tucking my head in the crease of Robby's neck where his scent glands are located and his scent is the strongest. He kept telling me I should get dressed but he didn't understand that it physically hurt. My skin felt raw when I wasn't in contact with him.

He growled, giving up and leaning his back against the headboard. His big hands slid up my sides and he pulled me over so I was straddling him.

Happy, I rubbed against his bare chest. My whole body was like one big nerve and it felt almost euphoric when he touched me. He smelt so good too. I just wanted him to hold me forever.

"You should eat." He spoke up, disrupting the silence. His hands moving to my back.

Humming, I licked at his neck and made the male grumble as his arms tightened around me. My licks turned to wet kisses as I followed up his neck and along his strong jaw.

I could feel how I affected him. It would of been impossible to hide with me straddling him. He must be uncomfortable confined in his jeans but he made no attempts to relieve himself.

Pulling back, I met his dark brown eyes and smiled. Robby chuckled, leaning up and pressing a kiss to my lips.

"You're an Alpha now. The Alpha." I remembered. How was I so lucky to get such a male as my Mate? Robby is strong and respected, and so, so handsome. I'm just a plain Omega. One of the dozens in the pack.

"I am." He nodded. "Soon I'll have the cutest fucking Luna."

My face heated and I hid it in the crease of his neck, unable to wipe off my smile. "I'm not cute, I'm sexy." I joked.

Robby laughed. "I agree, but you're still really fucking cute."

Nipping at his neck playfully, I didn't expect him to react so strongly. His moan made me shiver and tingle. Whining softly, I wiggled over the bulge under me.

One of the male's big hands slipped under the sheet bunched up around my waist and he roughly grabbed my bare bottom, the other hand tangled in my hair and pulled my head back.

His lips roughly smashed against mine, his tongue demanding entrance. I submitted so easily, letting him do as he pleased. I wanted whatever he had to offer. I even started to wonder if waiting until after the Ceremony was all that important. It wasn't like he's not my Mate. He is. What's the point of waiting to mate with him?

A loud knocking startled me so much I jumped and tumbled off the bed, squeaking.

Robby burst into laughter, his face turning red from the force of it.

"Shut up!" I cried dramatically, staying where I was on the floor.

"Oh my Goddess." He laughed, wiping at tears under his eyes.

I glared at him, jumping again when there was another knock. Scrambling to me feet, I jumped on the bed and dove under the covers. Peeking out, I watched Robby get up to see who it was. The big idiot was still laughing at me like it was the funniest thing he'd ever seen.

My eyes traveled over the expanse of his muscular back, all the way down to where his jeans hung sensuously from his narrow hips. My body started to ache again and I tried not to wiggle around on the bed in search of friction.

He opened the door, making me narrow my eyes because he hadn't put a shirt on. Now eye candy for whoever was disturbing us.

"I know, I know!" A female spoke up quickly before Robby could say anything. I slammed my face a pillow at the sound of my mom's voice. Goddess, she's going to haul me out of here! "I brought food and drinks." Huh?

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