CHAPTER 4: Leave me Alone

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DECEMBER 15, 2021

It was that day. That day we did that favor for Mad so we can get what it is we want.

We need to eliminate him.

We need to get him and his people's. Mad knows how we can get to him.

We just need to do his favor.

We waited for her to come out and when she did we exited out the car.



"You sure you gone be good. You sure you don't want to come to Calibasas wit me? You can go and see ya family. Meet mine?" Sunny offered me as we stood in the elevator.

It was winter break and she was going to Cali to go and meet her birth family for Christmas like she had planned. She wanted me to go and support her and maybe patch shit with Michael and Vanessa but I wasn't going for it.

Thankfully I had an excuse.

"Nah you know I don't like planes and shit. Plus I don't trust having Bronx on a plane after watching soul plane with you for the first time." I said serious than a mug. Not about not liking planes but having my baby on a plane unsupervised in a cage.

She didn't deserve it, and Kevin taught me not to trust airlines with shit like that.

"Milan it's just a movie." She rolled her eyes.

"I said no. I'm not going!" I yelled tired of her and her fuck shit.

She looked taken back before shifting all her weight on one leg. "Did you take yo medicine?"

"Bro-" I cut her off before she started to ramble on about how I need my medicine to stay sane.

I am sane. Just because I have irregular moods swings and anger issues don't mean SHIT!

"BOARDING TO CALIFORNIA! ALL PASSEMGERS PLEASE MEET TO-" The nice sounding lady said over the outter come.

"Now you have to go. Bye see you later love ya." I said pushing her toward where she needed to go.

She mugged me before giving the lady her ticket that I had given her as a gift.

"Milan I'm dead ass. Take ya medicine mane."

"Go I'll be fine Sunny." I said as I watched her walk through the door to board the plane.

I was going to be all alone in the apartment. Sunny went was going to Cali. Kierra and her other friends made there way to Chicago to be cold until New Year's. Something about Kierra's other "best friend" brothers something. I wasn't really listening th the next day the bitch was gone.

Me on the other hand was staying my ass right the fuck here. I wasn't thinking about nobody cause they wasn't thinking about me.

No one but Nana and Carmen called and tried to get me to go back home for the holidays. I gash a bitch head in defense of my feelings and I'm put on the back burner.

But anyways when I made it home Bronx was laying there waiting for me. I was so happy to see her even though I was only gone about three hours or so.

It was going to be her third Christmas and I planned on going all out for her with my savings.

Yes she was dog to yall, but for me she was my little baby.

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