62. Bailey

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I pull into the parking space next to Nick's truck. We had to drive to his school separately since I will be leaving by myself next Saturday. The thought is already making my stomach hurt.

"How was your drive?" he asks when both step out of our vehicles.

I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his waist. "It was good. I called my mom to tell her that I'm not coming home this week after all."

Nick returns my hold by resting his arms over my shoulders, pulling me to his chest. "Where'd you tell her you were going?"

"Abby's. She thought it was a little odd, but she let it go. It's not like she can stop me."

"You can always leave here a few days early and visit them, if you want."

I tilt my head to look at him, smiling. "Are you trying to get rid of me already? Cause I can get back in my car right now."

He leans down to kiss me. It begins innocently but quickly becomes heated. He lifts me up, and my legs instinctively wrap around him. He leans my back against his truck, "Just try to leave."

"Nah, I'm good." I respond, out of breath.

We continue our kiss, despite the fact that we are in a parking lot in the middle of the afternoon. I feel starved for him. This is the longest we have gone in a week without having sex.

I was supposed to help clean up after the dorm party this morning, and we woke up late--on my dorm room floor for some reason--so we didn't have much time between me doing that, showering, and packing.

Nick breaks the kiss and closes his eyes, looking frustrated. "Fuck. Why do I have to have a roommate? It's really not fucking fair."

I laugh and unwrap my legs, standing on my own. "Maybe it's a good thing. I mean, it's not like we can keep up the pace we've been on forever."

I turn my back to him in order to reach into my back seat, grabbing my small suit case. Nick smacks my ass playfully. "Who says?"

The truth is that I'm actually looking forward to staying in Nick's room and meeting his friends. He barely talks about them, or anything about his life, really. He's a private person, which I can't blame him for considering his childhood, but I want to see how he lives now.

Nick's hands are full with my his and my bags when we reach his dorm room, so he asks me to open the door for him. Just like at my dorm, most of the doors were open as we walked down the hall--but not Nick's. I would be shocked if it was.

I swing it open carefully and take in the environment. Nick's walls are completely undecorated. His bed is unmade, but his floor is free of clutter. On the other side of the room sit two people. A girl with brunette hair tied back in a bun is sitting on the bed, and a lanky boy is sitting at the desk, staring at his computer. I can tell even while he's sitting that he is extremely tall.

The girl hops off the bed and walks toward me. "You must be Bailey." Her face lights up when she smiles.

I step out of the way so Nick can set our stuff down. She looks at him like she had forgotten he was even there. It makes me smile. They're obviously very comfortable with each other.

"Yes, I am. And I'm assuming you are Candace?"

"I am. I'm so glad to finally meet you. Nick has told us so much about you."

That's surprising. "He has?"

Candace rolls her eyes. "Well, as much as Nick talks about anything. But I'm sure you understand."

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