Mr. Zachary part 4

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I run upstairs to get ready. I deside to curl my hair, even though I dont do that very often. I text Paul to tell him that i can come over.

ME: Hey, I can come over. be there in 30 minutes..whats your address?

PAUL: 654 North Richardson Ave.

ME: Okay thanks! gotta get ready see you soon.

I do my make up and get dressed. I wear light blue colored skinny jeans, A pink tank top with a brown cardigan over it. I check myself out in my full-length mirror a couple times to make sure I look fine. I spray a couple squirts of hollister purfume on my chest and arms. I put on a coat of my Alba clear lipgloss, pineapple flavored. I grab my car keys and head out the door. I Turn right on Richardson Ave. I look for his house. 654, found it. Its a small white house with blue shutters. I walk up to the door and knock. He answers the door with a smile. He looks me up and down.

"Wow, look at you." He said taking my hand to get me inside the house. He shuts the door behind me. He takes me in the living room and tells me to sit anywhere. I sit on his grey couch. He has on a baby blue T-shirt. I got to admit he does look sexy. He sits next to me but not too close. He smells so delicous i just wanted to sniff him all over. He asked what we should do tomorrow for class.

"Eh. maybe you could read some old childrens books outloud to us." I was only kidding but he thinks im serious.

"Cool, which ones." He looks at me so sweetly I lean in for a kiss. I cant stop myself but he doenst pull back he kisses me back. A sweet innocent kiss turns into a make-out fest. We tongue tie for a good ten minutes. Then i pull away.

"What are we doing? " I look at him. I cant tell he looks ashamed of what we did.

"Im sorry." He says looking at the ground bitting his lip. I chuckle a little because he has my lip-gloss smeared on his lips. I wipe it off with my thumb. He smiles.

"I did enjoy that though" I say blushing. He smiles and nods. "I did too"

I really like him now. Hes so sweet and cute. I wish he wasnt a teacher. But i would have never met him if he wasnt one. I take his hand and just hold it.

"Paul, I really like you."

"Rey, i really like you too, but we could never be. We would get in so much trouble."

"I know, maybe we could hide if from people?"

"We can give it a shot."

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