the weak excuse for Valentines >:3

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hello hello

welcome to my kinky TED talk

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this is lafmullens ft chocolate

i just got thought of this in school as we were playing Kahoot

who knew that most letters did get teachers on Valentine day?

also happy Valentine!

today is my dad's and my brother's name day so we r having cake

but without further adieu, lets start

oh n im doing angeria smut :3 (angelica x maria)



"Beutifull boy..." Hercules breathed out, tracing his hands all over John's tight body.

Who could blame him?

This is how Hercules find him home.

John's feet tied to his thigh spreading him, huge vibrator in his small desperate hole, dark crimson red lacey lingerie on his golden bronzed freckeld skin, hs green eyes watching him with lust, his makeup fitted in perfectly.

Oh and now you must be asking about Lafayette, right?

Well he was was laying on armchair, gorgeus as fuck, wearing dark tirquise robe only to be half opened revealing his chest as he was sipping his wine while his eyes were lidded with lust.

Watched his boyfriends like a hawk.

Hercules smirked and unbuckeld gag from John's mouth who looked at him as he was high.

"Please,,," He breathed, almost needy.

hercules smirked.

" should we spare our kitten in such way?" Herc looked at Laf.

Lafayette smirked and placed his wine on table then stand up.

"We shall eat him up, oui? He smirked as he went out from bedroom and soon coming back with pot of full chocolate.

Hercules eyes had small twinkle in em and licked his lips.

Soon Lafayette joined on bed.

"Now little one, color?" He smirked as Herc was rather busy taking of John's lingerie.

"G-green.." he breathed out so needy and desperate.

"Desperate little slut arent ya? Cant wait few more minutes without Papa and daddy to encourage ya, do ya?" Herc licked his high and already covered with precome cock

John let out high pitched moan, trying to wiggle away.

Then Lafayette smirked and poured on him melted chocolate (dw it aint hot, mild warm)

"Ngh...!" John cried out, buckling away, at least trying.

"Oh no, ya aint goin' nowhere" Herc hold his hips steady, leaning between his thighs as he removed vobrator with pop.

John let out strangle wheeze as Laf pour on him chocolate and licked him.

Then Laf, with full lust eyes, looked at him and kissed him.

His whole mouth tasting as chocolate, and boy, John was helpless.

Soon Hercules dipped in his tongue in John's desperate hole, making John scream in pleasure, curling his toes.

"Easy now, boy" Laf said as he stopped kissing him, only to make him pant.

"Is he ready now, Hercy?" Lafayette bitched out.

Hercules didn't answered with verbally communications, but just hummed in response as he get out of him and laid next to him, nuzzling their boy.

Lafayette smirked.


Then he went between him and pushed in slow and teasingly.

"P-please..." John cried.

"Hush now, relax..." Laf cooed as he thrust in with a single motion, making John snap his body up.

Lafayette set on a cruel but sweet punishing pace, as Hercules's hand travelled down to jerk his chubby cock.

"Imcloseimcloseimcloseimclose...!" John was crying now, smudging his make up as Laf gave him a sign and Herc did his final thrust to make John come.

And once he did, in room was all you could heard were gentle sobs and winces.

Herc and Laf untied their boy, and in bath, John was set up with sweet prices and love.

Hell, he even tried to make Herc come, only to be batted away with Herc saying "Dont worry, maybe later."

That end up with John falling asleep between his two best men, who he loved.

Yes, this was perfect.

The end


finnaly d o n e yall

sorry im late yall-

but hope you like dis gay trio smoot.


kk bye

hope yall had amazing Valentine's, even ifsome of you didnt had someone with you, all i can say that you all just needed 3 portions of chocolate box and to watch comedies while imagining to have yer boy, gal, pal etc.

jk but 3 portions of chocolate boxes and comedies r best.

so yeah, uh bye

im making schuyler sisters die in my newest book (which is gonna come very s o o n)

oh also, maria is gon be villian

now all we need is a plot master, bb where r you-

bye <3

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