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Zander drove us back to the palace with a small smirk on his face the whole time. I was annoyed that I didn't get the chance to send the picture to Danny.

Zander parked his car in the garage and we both got out. "Zander can I see the picture you took?" I asked him. I don't think he deleted the picture yet so maybe I can still send it to Danny.

"Sure." Zander said smirking even more. "And by the way, there's no point of trying to delete that pic, since I already saved it somewhere else."

He gave me his phone with the picture open and it was so embarassing. My face was redder than a tomato. And Zander obviously looked good, like he always does.

I scrolled to the right and mentally smirked when I saw that Zander didn't delete the picture of himself yet. I quickly clicked the share button and sent it to Danny.

"Here, you can have your phone back." I said while smirking, which caused Zander to narrow his eyes suspiciously at me.

"What did you do?" Zander asked as he went through his phone.

"Why don't you check the text messages between you and Danny." I said, running off to find Danny before Zander got to him and ordered him to delete it.

I heard Zander growl which caused me to laugh as I continued running around trying to find Danny. I bumped into Annie and asked her if she's seen him and she told me she saw him in Zander's office.

I thanked her and quickly ran to Zander's office barging in as fast as I could. And Danny was sitting there on the chair going through some files.

"Hey Danny!" I greeted him with a big smile on my face.

"Hey!" He said as he came and gave me a small hug which I returned.

"What are you doing here in Zander's office?" I asked curiously.

"Zander wanted me to go through these files and get rid of the ones that are useless." He explained.

"Oh. Did you get a text from Zander's phone?" I asked.

"Wait let me check." He said as he took his phone out. He went to his messages and opened up the picture. He burst out laughing when he saw an embarassed red faced Zander.

"Oh my god, is he seriously blushing?" Danny asked while chuckling some more.

"Yes!" I said as I laughed with him. "Can you print this picture out because Zander is probably looking for you and will make you delete it?"

"Yeah, I can. I'll send it to someone I know so they can print it." He said as he tapped on his phone sending it off to someone. "This picture is priceless! I can't believe you took a picture of him like this! I don't think I've ever seen him blush."

"I know I couldn't believe it when I saw him blush. It was so cute." I gushed.

Danny's phone vibrated just as he was about to put it away. He opened the text and started laughing again when he saw what was on it. He handed me the phone as he laughed his head off. I looked at his phone and frowned when I saw the embarassing picture of me beside Zander.

"Stop laughing." I pouted.

"You're so cute." He said with a grin on his face as he pulled me down onto his lap so I was straddling him, causing me to blush since our position seemed so intimate.

He pressed his forehead against mine and stared at me intensely before leaning in close to me. He closed his eyes as he quickly pressed his lips against mine. My eyes widened in shock as he moved his lips over mine. His fingers were running up and down my body as he kissed me.

I closed my eyes and kissed him back even though it felt completely wrong. I don't know why, but it just did. I felt nothing when I kissed him, even though he was a good kisser. But his kisses were nothing compared to-

A loud growl cut off my train of thought and Danny quickly pulled away from me. I turned to look at the doorway to see a very angry Zander glaring at us. I got off Danny and fixed my clothes and hair.

"What the hell do you two think you were doing?" He growled angrily at us.

I don't get why he was so angry. We were just kissing. We weren't commiting some big crime.

"We were kissing." Danny stated which got Zander even more angry. His eyes changed into a dark black color from rage.

"You are not aloud to kiss her! It's against the fucking rules!" Zander snarled angrily before he punched Danny in the face. I gasped when I saw that.

"Zander stop!" I yelled but he ignored me.

"What rules? There are no fucking rules stating that! I can kiss her if I want too!" Danny growled back angrily. He looked like he wanted to punch Zander back but refrained from doing so.

"YOU CAN'T KISS HER! ROSIE'S MINE! SHE'S FUCKING MINE!" Zander yelled in his scary Alpha tone before punching Danny again making him fall to the ground. Danny looked really angry now as he got up and punched Zander back.

I was so scared now. They were going to hurt each other and I didn't know what to do. It's all my fault that they were fighting. I didn't want them to hate each other. They're best friends and I don't want them to become each others enemies.

Zander pushed him down to the ground and kept throwing punches at Danny's face while I kept yelling at him to stop.

Danny kicked Zander away from him and quickly scrambled to get up on his feet but Zander regained his balance fast and kicked Danny's legs making him fall again. Danny threw a couple punches in Zander's stomach making him groan before Zander kicked Danny away from him.

Danny groaned in pain before getting up again but Zander punched him hard and he fell down again. He tried fighting Zander away from him but Zander was obviously stronger than him since he was the future Alpha King.

Danny was getting weaker and weaker and wasn't able to fight back as well. I was scared Zander was going to kill him.

"Zander please stop! Please that's enough!" I pleaded but Zander just kept throwing more hits in pure rage. Danny wasn't even fighting back anymore because he was too injured too.

I jumped on top of Danny right before Zander was about to punch him but instead of him getting the hit I got it on my back. I screamed loudly in pain.

My back hurt so much, it felt like my spine had split in half. Danny looked up at me with a look of shock and guilt. I guess he blamed himself for me getting hurt but it wasn't his fault at all. Zander was the one who punched him first.

I closed my eyes in pain when Zander flipped me over and picked me up off of Danny. My cheeks were wet from my tears of pain.

Zander growled loudly as he hugged me to him. I opened my eyes and saw the look of horror in his eyes. Danny approached us with a worried look on his face for me but Zander ordered him to leave.

When Danny left, Zander looked at me with a look of pain, regret and guilt in his eyes.

He sat down on his chair and gently rubbed my back trying to ease the pain. "I'm so so sorry Rosie. I didn't mean to hurt you! I really didn't. I'm so sorry. I should have payed attention to who I was hurting." He blabbered out as the pain slowly lessened.

"It's ok Zander." I croaked out as as Zander kept repeating 'I'm sorry' to me.

"It really is okay Zander. You didn't mean to and I understand. Besides the pain is almost completely gone." I lied about the pain but I don't think Zander believed me anyway.

"Don't lie to me Rosie." He said and I nodded my head.

"I'm really sorry." He whispered out.

"It's ok Zander. It really is." I mumbled into his neck.

"It's not ok, Rosie. I always seem to hurt you one way or another." He sighed angrily at himself.

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