Chapter 14

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WARNING:  Not a very cheerful chapter  

Which animal do you think your nature represents?


I heaved a sigh of relief as I finally completed an Algebra problem, while Yumi, on my left, was still struggling and cursing under her breath. Classes had resumed and we were sitting in our Maths classroom. It hadn't been complete 24 hours since my date and I kept dreaming about it in every free second I found. And weirdly, I was sort of trying to avoid Jinyoung. I don't know why. I should have been more comfortable now but I guess I am too new to this dating stuff to know how to react after a date. Thankfully, he gave me space too.

A crumpled piece of paper bounced on my desk and fell in my lap. I turned towards its source and found Chanyeol leaning on the desk on my right, I raised my eyebrows as my fingers disentangled it. In a sloppy handwriting it said,

So, how was it?

I gave him a confused look and mouthed 'What?' He gave me 'Don't-give-me-that-shit'  look. After a minute or two it finally dawned on me.

Oh, um my date? Yeah it was pretty good.

He read it and shot me an exasperated look, and hastily wrote back. Oh Lord, I hope we wouldn't be caught.

That's all I get? No details?

I smiled at his nosy behavior. 

Nopes. You didn't expect me to film the whole day to show you, did you?  I threw the paper back and he caught it effortlessly.

Come on, Mirae. Don't be such a freak.

I chuckled lightly and rolled my eyes. 

God, you're worse than Yumi when it comes to pestering.

He pouted after reading it and scribbled hastily. Wait, how come she gets to know and I don't?

I wrote back looking around anxious that somebody might notice. Well, I don't know if you have noticed yet...but she's a girl and you're not. I think that should explain  ;)

He rolled his eyes once he read it and I grinned. 

Either the date went really bad and you're lying to cover it up. Or it was really good and you don't want to share. He swiftly passed me the piece of paper back.

My face broke out in a large smile instantly with red tint appearing on my cheeks once I read that. I tried to hide my face from the professor cause we were gonna be in real trouble if he caught us. Chanyeol who was already observing me closely and upon seeing my reaction he leaned in and whispered, "So, it's the second one?"

I opened my mouth to reply when our professor exploded with anger. I braced my self for a big lecture or maybe a detention but I was shocked to find out that it wasn't us who was the target of his outburst.

"Oh Sehun! Why are you spacing out again? I've been watching you for half an hour and all you've done is doodle. Have you seen your last quiz? Do you want me to announce your grades in front of everyone? See me after class in my office."

The poor boy who was unfortunately sitting on the second bench flinched with scared expression on his face. He bent his head low in embarrassment. My heart pained at seeing him so pitiful and helpless. What's going on? Is he worried about his father again? I glanced at Chanyeol who, too, had a confused and curious look. The class ended in a few minutes with our professor rushing out and Sehun at his feet timidly.

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