Chapter Forty One

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"Baby, what's wrong?!" I heard Malik's voice asking. I was still shocked that I wanted to marry Malik. Yeah, I couldn't imagine my future without him but then again I couldn't imagine carrying his name.

"I am okay, just tired. I want to sleep," I lied. I wanted his ring. I wanted his kids. I wanted his all.

"Sleep then, baby," he said and I smiled slightly. Looking at him in the eyes that shone with the love they had for me. I wondered if mine reflected the same. I put my head on his chest listening to his heart beats and then closed my eyes.

Malik was always on the mind but I broke through it and slept. I had to sleep maybe after I sleep those thoughts would go away, right?! I smiled and found a comfortable position and then closed my eyes welcoming sleep.


Malik's point of view

I watched my girlfriend as she slept peacefully. I couldn't imagine my life without her. I smiled as I stroked her hair. I looked at mom listening to what she has to say regarding Brianna's health.

"That's all! Take care of her," she said and I nodded. I will. I smiled and then looked at the sleeping angel. I looked at my friend who said, "Someone is head over heels."

I rolled my eyes and then he said, "When is her birthday?!"

"In a week and four days," I answered. I have been waiting for that day. My princess will be a year older. She will still look as cute as ever and as beautiful as ever and as young as ever. This girl got me under her influence.

I have something big in my mind. I really hope she likes it. I really want her out and everything will be perfrctly fine. I looked at the sleeping beauty in my arms. I wouldn't bare the thought of her being kindnapped again. It was all so bad and I would have gotten insane. Over the last few days, I have gotten her some clothes as she didn't have any anymore. I also prepared her few things for her to be happy.

"Let me guess, you have prepared everything for her," he said and I nodded confirming him. My princess birthday should be unforgettable.

"So, when do you plan on proposing?!" he asked and I looked at him surprised. What the heck was he talking about?!

"Admit it! You have been thinking about it. You want her to be yours and what is the best way for that to happen?! Marry her. You want her to stay with you for your entire life and then again the position that you are giving her is not enough for that. You have to give her more. You will have a good life together. You love each other. It'll be the best life you will ask for," he said and I was shocked. I have never thought about that. She was always by my side so I didn't think that she needed a higher title. I looked at Brianna and I couldn't help but imagine her in a white dress but then again, what if she said no?! What if she wasn't ready?! This will break everything between us which I wouldn't handle.

"Shut up, Leo!" I said and then sighed. I looked at my beautiful mate and found her waking up. I smiled at her but my mind was still racing with thoughts. Was he right?! Should I ask her to marry me?! She is the one I know. But I am not ready for the next step. I looked at her and she looked at me and smiled. She stood up and sat on the chair. She didn't want to stay on my lap. I looked at her and found her deep in thoughts. Maybe she was thinking about what happened there. I pulled her to me and she smiled slightly but she was a little tensed. That made me feel like something was wrong with her.

"Are you okay, Brianna?!" I asked and she nodded with a forced smile. Her eyes were a little teary. I looked at her like she had two heads. She was never like that with me. She has never lied about being okay. She used to make fun of those girls who repeat that. What's wrong with her?!


Brianna's point of view:

I don't know why but I felt the argue to stay away from Malik. I didn't want to stay close to him. I didn't want to think of him as anything more than what we are. I didn't want to hang on false hopes And I didn't want to harm our relationship because of some stupid thoughts. I wanted everything to be perfect just the way it was. Malik's has given me everything he could. He was ready to risk his life for me. Stupid feelings won't ruin what he have. I will never allow it.

"Baby, are you sure that you're okay?! You seem worried," he asked. I smiled and nodded. I am as good as I will ever be. No feelings will ruin what we have. I will never allow it. We were perfect like this. He has everything he wants and I have everything I want. No kids, no rings, no names, no shit.

"Yes, I am just tired and I can't sleep," I said and he smiled and nodded. I smiled back with a wide smile as I fell deeper in love with his smile.

"Yeah," he said and I nodded.

I didn't know what to say. I didn't want to start a conversation and I didn't want to stay in silence knowing my thoughts would hunt me. I knew that I would always think about that. What are we going to be?!

"Baby, when will I be out?!" I asked. I didn't want to stay in silence. Opening a conversation was better.

"Some papers need to be done. When they are done, we will sign, and then you will be out. Do you want me to sign them?!" He asked and I nodded. I knew how much he cared and I knew that he was sure that something was wrong with me. I was never that way with him.

"Sign them, please," I said and smiled. I looked at him at him and then he gave me a look full of concern. I knew how much he loved me so I had to get rid of the feelings soon enough I couldn't bare staying away from Malik.

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