Chäpter Eïght

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(This chapter might be a little confusing, so if any of you have any questions, feel free to ask!!)


Evangeline's P.O.V


I groaned slightly and rolled further into my hoard of sheets and blankets. Warmth surrounded me and I felt as if I was lying on a cloud, my body sinking perfectly into my matress.

"Dear God girl! Wake before I go fetch a bucket of water or... something of the sort."

These words barely reached me, my exhaustion pulling me beneath the rocky waves of consciousness and deeper into the ocean of sleep, further muting my senses to anything but my sight.

The only thing I could see was the trees, leaves of the brightest red and deepest yellow blowing through the warm night air all around me.

My other senses slowly began coming to as well, the first one being my hearing. My ears slowly filtered in and out before finally adjusting fully and the sound of music filled my ears.

The sound was foreign, never before heard by myself, but it sounded quite lovely, the smooth melody of it making me sway along with the leaves. It was mainly made up by the flute, small additions of drums every few seconds along with another string instrument that I couldn't identify.

For a few moments I just stood there, my eyes closed as I listened to the beautiful music. The warm breeze blew by me with smooth fingers, and the hearty smells of a campfire surrounded and filled my nose. It was like a simple paradise. I felt free.

When the breeze ceased, I opened my eyes slowly and turned from where I was standing, taking a few stray glances around me. I only stopped when I noticed my bare legs and arms in my field of vision, accompanied by my stomach and feet as well.

I waited for the panic to kick in for the horrifying lack of clothing, but I simply felt nothing but calm filling me to the brim as I looked over my attire.

It was mainly made out of what looked to be dark brown leather, the bottom being a very short skirt that ended in the middle of my upper thighs, while the top looked more like a wrap of the leather.

It wrapped around my neck and down over my breasts, but ended right at the beginning of my ribs, leaving my toned stomach on display and my arms bare.


For some strange reason, my body turned fully towards the odd name, like I was connected by an invisible string and wasn't allowed to turn away.

My body began moving towards the right, even as I pulled against the movement, my feet gliding across the forest floor with graceful ease.

What was happening? Why couldn't I control movements?

"Why are you out here alone? You know it's dangerous."

I pulled against myself again as I began to move again, but this time towards what looked to be a dark silhouette outlined by the silver light of the rising moon.

The shoulders were broad while the waist was narrow, long legs stretching beneath him.

I concluded that it was no doubt a male based on the deep voice and striking physique, but something inside me was sparking with recognition.

Suddenly my voice floated up and out of my mouth against my will, my own voice sounding beyond melodic to my ears.

"I was just out admiring the fall leaves. They're quite beautiful, don't you agree?"

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