Prologue: A Meeting of Fate

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Young Boy POV

I was walking through the streets of Kyoto with my book on hand, and I was dazzled by the sheer sight of it, my spiky black hair felt through the wind, I was on a school trip with my friend, Uesugi Fuutarou, I was wandering through the park until I found a spot where I could rest in.

Boy: There's a spot to rest!

Then once lied down with my book beside me, I began to close my eyes and let the nature take in.

3rd Person POV

A girl was passing through the park, with red long silky red hair that reached down waist, and wore A long white dress reaching her knees, with a white ribbon tied to her waist.

Girl: Hmhm~

The girl was looking around the park, mesmerized by the view.

She was stuck in trance until she saw a certain spiky black haired boy, she smiled and was walking towards him.

Back to Boy POV

I felt that someone's about to approach me, so I opened eyes to see who it is, as I opened my eyes and was met with the most beautiful pair of  purplish-blue eyes that were staring into my crimson red eyes.

I sat up to see a girl around my age, her majestic red hair looked so silky that it never left my eyes, and I feel like my cheeks are burning Everytime I meet her eyes.

Then the girl spoke

Girl: Whatcha doin'?

Boy:Umm... Resting?

I gave her weak reply.

Girl: Really? Was it good?

Boy :Yeah..

She then looked at the book at the ground.

Girl: What's that?

I then picked up my book.

Boy: This?

The girl then nodded.

Boy: It's a book about Japanese history.

Girl: It looks kinda advance?

The girl questioned.

Boy: Y-yeah, it's because I like studying a lot.

Then the girl gave him a bored look.

Girl: Boring! You should get out more!

Boy: Huh?

I gave her a confused look.

Girl: There's more to life than just study, you know!

Girl: Maybe like reading Manga or some sorts?

Boy: Why?

Girl: Well...

The girl thinking deeply.

Girl: Well like I said there's more to life than just studying, and I don't have to say it for a second time you know!

The Girl pouted.

Seeing her pout made me laugh a little.

Girl: W-wha!? Why are you laughing!

Boy: I guess your right, maybe there is more to life than just studying.

I smiled, and then faced her, the girl did the same and ask him.

Girl: Do you wanna go sightseeing?

Boy: Sure

The boy stood up and grabbed his book.

As they left the park the girl asked the boy.

Girl: Um.. I never got your name?

Boy: You know it's rude to make people call out their before you do.

The boy look annoyed, but settled down.

Kazuya: But I'll guess I let it pass, my name's Kazuya, nice to meet you.

Itsuki: My name is It-

And the whole scene was covered up by light.


5 years later..


A 17-year old boy sat on his bed, he then rubbed his eyes to take away any sands in his eyes.

He then took a look of his room, it was an apartment, with a bunch of manga on his mattress and manga in his bookshelf.

The same room of a certain spiky black haired boy, his name is Kurogane Kazuya, and his life will change.

Kazuya: *yawn* Guess it's time to get the morning started.

To Be Continued...

Next time on Quintessential Quintuplets: The Two Tutors..

That Fateful Day


Hello HelioB here, here with a story about five sisters being tutored by one (or two for this story) of the smartest students in school.

Will this end in disaster? Or will they prevail?

And watch out in future chapters that there might be scenes that haven't been released in the Anime series: Quintessential Quintuplets/ Go-Toubun No Hanayome but in the manga.

This is HelioB signin' out!!!


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