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"No, I think you're in love with him."

Sunny was taking care of Min-Ji, her little sister who had recently moved to South Korea to live with her grandparents just like Sunny did. Their dad was still in the states.

"Gia, how about we go and steal all the cookies from the members?" Sunny asked, trying to cheer up the kid who had just left her hometown to live someone she didn't know anything about.

"Can I really?" Min-Ji asked, her head perked up at the sentence from Sunny.

"I give you all the permission I could ever give." Sunny said, making no sense at all.

Min-Ji ran out of the room. Sunny didn't follow behind the little girl because she was waiting for her two friends to show up so she could talk to them about something she felt was important.

There was a knock on the bedroom door and Sunny bolted to it. She held it open for Suri and Rosey to walk inside, as she did so she heard the laughter of her sister who was most likely messing around with Vernon. Hearing her sister happy just filled her with joy.

"So what's up?" Suri asked as she sat down at the girls desk.

"I have something important to tell you guys." Sunny said as she closed the door quietly.

"Well, tell us." Rosey said softly.

Sunny hesitated for a second. She tried to see if she still felt these feelings and the answer was yes, she still felt these feelings for this person.

"I think I like someone." Sunny said as she fell back on to her bed.

"Who?!" The two girls yelled in unison.

She was hesitant to say the name of the person who she had developed a crush on.

"Is it one of your members?" Suri asked.

Sunny nodded her head which only made the girls freak out a little bit more, in a good way. They repeatedly asked who it was.

"Vernon..." Sunny said quietly as she knew her members were only in the other room.

Rosey and Suri looked at each other before smiling. They knew that Vernon liked Sunny, plus he was the perfect person for her.

"That's perfect!" Suri yelled.

"Why?" Sunny asked, sitting up.

"He is everything you said you wanted. If I do recall, you said you wanted someone who mainly is able to make your little sister happy." Suri went on to explain.

"AND you want someone who your little sister approves of since you don't want to date anyone who your sister doesn't like." Rosey said before Sunny could talk.

Sunny sat there for a second. Thinking about everything they said. It was true. Sunny wanted someone that was able to be around her sister since she would be around most of the time.

Sunny shook her head.

"No, no. It can't be. It's just a simple crush, right?" Sunny asked as she shrugged her shoulders.

"No, I think you're in love with him." Suri said before laughing a little.

Sunny sighed as the girls just sat there and teased her about her crush.

"Sunny!" Min-Ji yelled as she ran down the hall, interrupting the girls talk.

Sunny opened the door to her room and looked down at her sister.

"Yes, Gia?" Sunny asked, her hair falling in front of her.

"Vernon told me to give you this," Min-Ji said as she handed Sunny a red envelope.

The little girl moved her hand in a motion to tell Sunny to bend down so she could share a secret. When Sunny did, Min-Ji whispered in Sunny's ear before running off.

"I think Vernon likes you."

Sunny was taken back to a second as she watched her sister run down the hall to play with Vernon again.

Sunny closed the door and turned to the girls who had heard everything. Luckily for the them, they could understand basic English and that was enough to have them know what's just happened with Sunny.

"Open it!" The girls repeated as they watched Sunny stand there with the envelope in her hand.

Sunny opened the red envelope and pulled out the card that was inside. It was a simple pink card with a heart on it. She opened it, starting to read it. She slowly cringed at the words that were written down but she read the last few words aloud.

"Would you want to go on a date with me?" Sunny read the last words.

The girls started screaming as Sunny stood there with a smile on her face. She didn't exactly know how she was going to tell Vernon the answer but she knew she needed to answer his question.

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