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Whoever just knocked on that door is going to die.
Hazel and I were having a moment. We have never had moments like that before. Something was changing between us, I could feel it. I couldn't help but wonder if she felt it too.

Hazel clears her throat and steps away from me slowly.

The door opens and Daniel steps in.

"Oh" he says stopping in his tracks.

"Did I interrupt something?"


"No"  Hazel and I say at the same time.

Daniel shoots me a questioning look.

"I can come back" he offers as he takes a step back.

"No that's ok. I was just leaving." Hazel says.

She turns back towards me and looks deep into my eyes. She flashes me a look that I can't decipher before walking out the door.

Once the door shuts behind her Daniel speaks.

"What was that all about?"

"I-i don't know." I stutter

Daniel lifts an eyebrow at me.

"What?" I snap

"Nothing" he says with a shrug.

"I've never seen you like this before. You have it bad"

"I have what bad?"

Daniel gives me a appraising look.

"Come on Nick, you like her."

Normally I would yell at him and cuss him out, but I didn't have the energy to right now.

"So what?"

"Does she know?" He asks me

"Hell no!"

"Why not?"


"That's not a reason Nick. Tell me why you didn't tell her"

I glare at him. One thing I hated about him was that he was so goddamn nosy.

"Because I didn't" I huff

Daniel glares back at me. He was also stubborn. I'm surprised him and my sister get along so well.

"God fine. Because I can't. She can't be with someone like me." I let out dejectedly.

"Isn't that her choice though?" He asks crossing his arms across his chest.

"Yeah but she can't like me back."

He raises an eyebrow at me in question.

"I'm toxic for her. She has enough shit going on in her life and I don't want to add on to that. I'm fine just being her friend."

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