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I flinch as Nick slams his hands on the table. Margaret is crying and Lawrence is smirking. He's smirking!

Nick isn't the greatest person alive but he put one hundred percent of himself into his business. His dad had no right to say that.

I glance at Jordyn, his attention is on his plate.

"Nice going dad" Gigi says.

Lawrence looks up and his smirk drops.

"I just wanted one birthday with the family together and you can't even give me that."

"It's not my fault your brother is a screwup" Lawrence says

"He isn't a screwup dad! Why can't you just treat him like your son and not a goddamn business deal! You're the reason he never comes home! You're the reason he hasn't seen the family in over a year and you're the reason that he won't get to meet his niece!"

Lawerence's eyes widen.

"Wait you're-"

"Pregnant? Yes I am. Almost three months. Thanks for noticing by the way."


"Just don't! I'm done with you" Gigi says before stomping away from the table with Daniel following close behind her.

"Did you know?" Lawrence asks his wife.

Margaret shakes her head at him before standing and following Gigi.

I turn to Jordyn.

"I'm gonna go check on him. Can you take Ollie out to see the horses?"

Jordyn nods and stands up. I watch as he takes Ollie out of the room.

After they're out of sight I excuse myself and leave Lawrence with Jordyn's mom and the brunette that Nick left the gala with. I still didn't know why she was here.

I follow the noise down the hall until I come upon a room. The oak door is shut but from behind it I can hear Nick screaming and things breaking.

I hesitate before knocking.

"Go away Izzy I'm not in the mood!" He yells.

I slowly turn the knob and step inside the room.

"I said go away!" Nick screams turning around.

His eyes widen when he sees me.

"Hazel? I'm sorry I thought you were someone else." He says in a low voice.

I glance around what I assume to be his bedroom and take it in. The walls are dark blue and the floor is hardwood. Hockey posters litter the wall along with shelves of books, medals, and trophies.

When my attention finally falls on Nick I notice how tired and worn out he looks. He has dark bags under his eyes, his hair is disheveled, his clothes wrinkled, he even had stubble on his chin and around his lips.

"I'm sorry you had to hear all that" Nick says looking around his room.

My eyes drift down to his knuckles which are split open and bloody.

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