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The only thing that was on my mind the rest of the trip was Hazel. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get her out of my head. All I wanted was to see her smile one last time. To see her face light up like it always did when she talked about her hobbies. I just wanted to see her again, then maybe this wouldn't be so hard.

For some reason it feels as if my heart was slowly breaking. In just a short time I had lost everything. But I was determined to gain my real life back.

I am sick of hiding behind my fake life, the life that made me more upset than happy, the life that had turned me into a drunk, the life that turned me into my father.

I hated my father. He never supported me and he disowned me the second I didn't do what he wanted. He cut all ties with me and forced my mom to do the same. All he ever does is pick fights with me.

I stare at my parents house from my car. I hadn't been here in so long. Nobody knew I was here I could very easily turn around and leave. Nobody would miss me. But I would be letting Gigi down. I couldn't do that again.

After taking a deep breath, I step out of my car and head up to the front door. I don't have time to give myself a pep talk before the door swings open.

"Well well well. You actually decided to show up." My dad says crossing his arms.

"You do know that the party started over an hour ago. Why did you even bother to come?"

I open my mouth to respond but am interrupted by Gigi coming to the door.

"Dad are you ready-"

Her eyes widen when she sees me.

"Oh Nicky!" She screams as she throws herself into my arms and squeezes the breath out of me.

"Hi Gigi"

"I can't believe you came! Isabelle said you weren't gonna show!"

Gigi releases me and beams at me.

"Yeah well Izzy doesn't know shit"

"Watch your mouth Nicky! There will be no swearing at my birthday party!"

"The party is over Gracie" my dad scoffs.

Gigi sends a glare in his direction.

"Didn't you come outside to check on the horses or something?"

My dad rolls his eyes before stalking away from my sister.

Gigi smiles at me and grabs my hand before pulling me into the dining room.

"Guys look who is here!" She squeals as we enter the packed room.

Ten pairs of eyes look in my direction. I was so uncomfortable. I manage a small smile as I head to a empty seat, but I'm stopped in my tracks and my smile drops as I see those familiar hazel eyes.

Her eyes widen and her face falls when she sees me. Jordyn looks between her and I before leaning over and whispering in her ear.

I felt my blood boil seeing them like that.

"Nicky?" Gigi's voice pulls me back.

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