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A light tap on my shoulder walks me up.

"Mr. Knight?"

I groan and lift my head off of my desk. I must have fallen asleep. My head was pounding.

"Mr. Knight"

I open my eyes and look towards the direction of the voice. It was my cleaner Lucia.

"Lucia. What time is it?" I ask rubbing my eyes

"It's two pm sir"

My eyes widen.

"What's today?"

"Sunday?" She questions

"Shit!" I say a little to loudly.

I grip my head with my hands as the headache pours against my skull.

Today was Sunday, which meant that today was Gigi's birthday. It was already two pm, and the party starts at three. There is no way I could make it in time. It's still a five hour drive and I forgot to buy her a present.

"Shit!" I say again.

"Sir?" Lucia asks

"Listen Lucia I need you to grab me a Gatorade, water and two aspirin. Then you will be free to go, I need to go change and head to my sisters"

"But sir.."

"Don't worry about the mess in here I'll clean it when I get back."

She watches me as I leave my office and sprint down the hall and into my room.

I quickly change into a green t shirt and a pair of jeans before throwing on my sneakers and my jacket.

When I get into the kitchen, Lucia has the aspirin and a glass of water set out on the counter.

I down the pills and take a long drink of water. I was gonna need more if I was going to be driving. I head to the fridge and grab out an extra Gatorade, and a few bottles of water as Lucia comes into the room.

"I set your drink by the door next to your keys. Is there anything else you need Mr. Knight?"

"No thank you Lucia that'll be all."

She nods her head and leaves the room. A few moments later I hear the door shut.

After doing a quick scan of the apartment and finding my wallet I head to the front door, grabbing my Gatorade Lucia got out and my keys.

I shut the door and race down the stairs to my car. I throw my bag of things into the passenger seat and start the car before peeling out of my spot.

I search my pockets for my phone, before remembering that I smashed it against a wall last night in my drunken stupor. As I pull up to a spot light I pull my work phone out of the glovebox. My fingers scroll through the contacts until coming across Hazel's name.

Usually I would call her because she's my PA. But she's not anymore. I click on her contact and hit the delete button before scrolling through to find someone else.

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