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I still couldn't believe she was quitting. I mean I knew I wasn't the best boss but she's worked for me for years. I don't know how many exactly but she hasn't quit before. So why now?

I take another swig of the scotch in my hand before turning on my tv.

Spending Saturday night alone was not on my normal schedule. But after the disaster that was the gala, I didn't feel like going out tonight.

I lost a lot tonight and I was trying to wrack my brain about where I went wrong. This didn't happen to me. I was Nick Knight for Christ's sake. I didn't lose. I always won.

So why was I losing?

After flipping through the channels and not finding anything worth watching, I decide to turn the tv off.

I down the rest of my glass and get up to pour some more. As I reach my kitchen my phone buzzes in my pants pocket. I pull it out to see a text.

I just sighed my resignation letter. I faxed it to you so you should get it soon. -Hazel

Just as I finish reading the text my fax machine spits out a paper. I put down my glass and slowly pad over to the machine.

Grabbing the paper I head into my home office and take a seat in my chair. I lay the paper down on my desk and let out a deep breath before I begin reading.

To whom it may concern.

My name is Hazel Richmond. I have been working as a personal assistant to Mr. Knight for the previous three years. I have made appointments, took his place at meetings, and answered the phone when needed.

         I am writing this letter to inform you of changes being made. I will be resigning from my position as PA to Mr. Knight, effective immediately.

       Knight Tech has served me well over the years, but I need more. I can no longer work for someone who belittles, humiliates, and reprimands me on a daily basis.

         I will be awaiting my final paycheck.


Hazel M. Richmond

My eyes scan over the delicate black ink on the bottom of the page. Her handwriting is so elegant.

My phone buzzes on the desk with a text from Mr. Johnson, making me jump.

TRN has been officially sold for $250,000. Shaw Industries will be awaiting the deed to be signed over. You are required to give up the blueprints, tools, and equipment needed to work TRN. I will stop by Monday to go over the paperwork with you.

I slam my cellphone down on my desk before scrubbing my hands down my face. What the hell was happening? Everything was going to shit all at once.

I glance at my phone, which now has a shattered screen, to see that it was midnight. I really needed some sleep.

But I needed a drink first. I pull out the bottle of scotch that I keep in my desk drawer and pop the cork, before taking a long drink of it.

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