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I couldn't understand why I had fed so guilty about agreeing to go to dinner with Jordyn. Something inside of me was pulling me in the other direction.

I didn't do anything wrong.

So why did it feel like I did?

Why do I feel like I just betrayed Nick?

After Jordyn and I exchanged numbers, and agreed to meet for dinner tonight, he continued on his way, and I made my way over to the bar.

"Can I get a shot of tequila please?" I ask the bartender as I take a seat.

The bartender nods and gets to working on another customers drink before finally giving me the shot.

I down it and place the glass on the counter before standing and making my way to the stage.

Nick and I had to share our presentation in a few minutes. We agreed to meet at the stage.

Where was he?

He wasn't here.

I glance around the room and find him in the back with the brunette draped over his body and kissing his neck as they walked.

They were leaving.

Mr. Johnson steps on the stage and clinks a knife on his glass.

Everyone's attention went to him.

He clears his throat before speaking.

"I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. All the proceeds will be going towards a great cause today. But before we start the auction Nick Knight, CEO of Knight Tech has a new product he would like to demonstrate."

Mr. Johnson looks in my direction with a raised eyebrow.

I shrug my shoulders at him.

"It appears Mr. Knight couldn't make it, so let's turn our attention to his PA. Miss Hazel Richmond."

The spotlight shines on me and my heart beats out of my chest. This wasn't happening. I didn't agree to go on stage by myself. There is no way in hell I could do this.

Mr. Johnson starts clapping and is eventually joined by the audience as I slowly make my way up the stairs. He hands the microphone over to me and I take it with shaky hands.

"Um. H-hi everyone." I stutter.

"I'm sorry I was prepared to do this by myself." I clear my throat before continuing.

My eyes scan the crowd until they land on Jordyn. He was giving me a thumbs up from the front row and he had a huge smile on his face.

I take a deep breath and start the presentation.

"Knight Tech has created some of the biggest technological advancements this country has ever seen over the last five years. We have facial recognition security systems, we have apps that protect your phones and electronics from hackers, we even have automated houses. Clap and the lights come on, clap again and they turn off. Everything is voice activated."

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