Chapter 10

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Recap: the boys got to know about Chakor and are happy. They have found a shelter.

Chakor comes out of the kitchen after hearing the nod, "the food is ready, but you have to help me." She said with a smile on her face.

Suraj saw her, she was looking dull and exhausted, he gave the trio a look, while Ajay shook his head pointing on the two, Karan and Laksh.

Laksh shook his head, he points on them, "they wanted to help with the food. I couldn't do anything." He said innocently showing on his wound.

Karan shook his head, "you might not have helped us, but you were the one, who come up with the idea." He was telling them, how Laksh convinced them, to make it easier for her. As she would be happy to see lesser work for her. She has to look after him too.

Suraj shook his head, he entered the small kitchen and asked her, "you okay?" He placed his hand on her shoulder, a shiver rundown her spine.

She is touched by many men's, but he is the only man she wants to have in her life for the rest of her life. Never she felt anyone would make her feel this way.

Chakor smiles, she turns to him, "Suraj I'm fine, please take the cloth here and spread it on the floor. I will serve the food."

Suraj didn't hesitate or utter a wrong word, he understands her without words. Hmm the trio has increased her work, still she is smiling looks like she too was seeking for something, a family.

He took the table cloth and spread it out on the ground, "Suraj if she needs help we?" Suraj shook his help on Sid's question, there was no need for anyone to help her. She is strong enough to fight.

Chakor come with the food, she gave it to everyone and went to Laksh, who was still sitting on the bed.

Laksh was about to stand, but Chakor refused, "stay there!" She warns him and silently sat back on the bed, "I will feed you with my soft hands."

Suraj swallows the food, "what?"

Ajay and Karan laughs looking at his face, Deep and Sid were confused about the situation.

Ajay gulps his food and told them about the incident in the hospital, Suraj sighs of relief, "oh okay." He was looking down to his plate and thought. She hasn't eaten anything, feeding us and staying hungry. No.

Suraj turns to the bed, "Chakor?" Chakor was feeding Laksh, one morsel after the other one. Laksh was obeying her like a small kid does. He felt jealous as soon as Suraj called her, Laksh frowns, "no!" He shook his head and Chakor didn't understood it.

"What happen?"

Laksh pouts, "he will definitely ask you to stop feeding me, but my shoulder?!" Chakor was looking at him sternly, "he won't stop me and even if he does try to stop me, I won't!" She made another morsel and Laksh ate from her hand.

Suraj shook her knee, she turns and saw him with a morsel for her.

Chakor shook her head, "I'm not hungry. You eat." She said with a smile and he turns back, Laksh shook his head, "Ahhhh!" Suraj rolls his eyes, he turns and gave him the morsel.

Chakor smiles. Uhm totally baby.

Karan looked at Suraj, "don't worry bhai, if she doesn't want to eat from your hand, we are here. Ahhh!" He opens his mouth widely.

Suraj pouts. That is not fear, they have hairs on their faces, her face is smooth and soft. Do I have to shave my beard?

Laksh was done and he looked at Suraj, he come down to him near his ear, "Bhai. I will sleep on the bed. Bhabhi said it, Karan and I shouldn't sleep on the ground. It's not good for our back."

Suraj nods, "she said it na, must be right. She is smarter than us."

Deep and Sid nods, "haan and angrier too."

Karan and Laksh looked at each other, "angry? No, Bhabhi is so cute." They finished the food, Suraj helped her in the kitchen, she was first scared, as the other's had given her a messed kitchen, but Suraj was devoting in helping her.

Sid looked at them, "you sure we should stay all here? You know it's not good to leave the alley like this. They need us."

Deep nods, "haan, besides they have each other and they don't need us as their barrier. Let's go from here, before she can stop us."

Ajay nods, "right, I have bad feeling, this inspector he should stay away from her, we have to keep her out of it."

Karan smiles, "yes, but you know, I don't think she wants to be executed from us. She likes us."

😪😪😪😪😪 they heard a loud snoring.

Laksh was sleeping on the bed like a baby, "he can stay as Suraj won't allow him to be away from him." Deep said and Sid just thought loudly, "or she won't leave us, because she said Karan and Laksh shouldn't sleep on the ground."

Karan nods, "means I will stay here too." He pushes Laksh a little bit and slept next to him on the bed.

Chakor smiles faded.

Suraj saw that, "what happen?"

Chakor shook her head, "nothing." She lied and had avoided his gaze.

Suraj pulls her close with force, it was the first time, "tell me what is bothering you?!"

Chakor looked at him, she was struggling to release herself from his grip, when they heard the door closing.

Suraj looked out of the kitchen and found Karan as well as Laksh sleeping on the bed, while the other's had left the place.


Suraj turns, "yes, they have gone, there isn't much space and you don't worry they know how to survive. We did it over 20 years another night on the streets won't kill us." He cups her face and kisses her forehead.

Chakor was confused, "are you leaving too?"

Suraj nods, "haan but not far from here. I will be around here just in case the inspector comes. I'm nearby." This time he kisses her lips, making her weak.

"They don't like me, I'm a prostitute."

Suraj shook his head, "no, they like and respect you. The half of us are son's of prostitutes. We don't have a grudge against you or your work."

Chakor hold him tight, "I want you to stay."

Suraj smiles, "again the wall?"

Chakor nods while smiling at him, "haan."

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