Chapter One : The New Kid

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**Before I start: The fact that the characters' names resemble that of a popular book that I'm sure you'll remember as soon as you meet my second main character is completely coincidental and btw I think the book you'll think of isnt really that good. Here is the thing you opened this link for:

I put my head down on my desk. This class is boring. As usual. Why every day had to have an hour of Social Studies, I will not ever understand. Seriously, who will need this kind of stuff? The only social thing about this class is the communal groaning and shared boredom. Blah. I waited, listening just enough to make sure I knew what was going on so I didn't fail the class. Eventually the teacher dismissed us and I walked out to my locker.

"Hey, Gray" I turned around to find a friend of mine, Marley. "How was your morning?" She kept my pace as we headed for the cafeteria. We had a long walk, since we have a huge three floor school, so we always kept some small talk up while we went to our classes.

"Boring" I sighed.

"You had... Social Studies and Math?" She remembered.


"Least you've got English and Science to look forward to" she shrugged.

"Nah, I have to go give a tour to a new student again" I groaned. There is this program at our school that lets me skip two classes every week or so... Unfortunately it also means I have to talk with people and be like the school's freshman student ambassador. Hooray.

"Do you know anything about them?"

"Ninth grader, and new student" I rolled my eyes "I don't know anything about him-slash-her"

"If he-slash-she is cute-slash-hot say good things about me and try to be nice. You know, anything but the normal Grace" Marley laughed. Marley is a great friend, but she thinks I am too sarcastic and irritable towards newcomers... And everyone else... I happen to think I am amazing.

"You have got forty percent of the high school male population wrapped around your perverted little fingers. Probably twenty percent of the female population gave you a second glance. Go do your own flirting" I teased her. In case you havent figured it out, Marley is bisexual. She claims to be equally attracted to males and females, but she has been with more girls than guys so I think she is leaning towards lesbian. She's also made a point of expressing her attraction to females as emotional and physical, and males as iffy on either or both.

"Hey, its not flirting, its sending an attractive person in the way of your single best friend" Marley pouted, pretending to be offended. "And I am not a pervert!"

"Uhuh sure, kid" I crossed my arms with fake arrogance "but look who still, despite all my effort, remains unnoticed"

"Hey I don't see you being anymore noticed than me"

"Mhm sure. You know that being mean to me isn't gonna get me to send the new kid your way" I mimicked being insulted.

"Hey, hey, don't hate on the honesty" Marley gave me an over dramatic hair flip like she was the most important and flawless person in the universe. I would have found some way to make a snide comment but we were at the cafeteria and I had to go the office to get the new kid. La de da they made me skip my damn lunch. I like lunch.

"Grace!" One of my teachers called me as I came to him. "The new student should be here soon. Please go wait in the office" like I didn't already know. Hopefully they'd be late and I'd get to eat. Or they'd gone to some different school and decided to leave poor little me alone to eat my lunch.

I smiled at him quickly and headed off to the office. When I was there I sat down and started eating a peach I'd gotten out on the way here. No sooner had I bitten a piece off the thing had the door opened and a person showed up. My first thought: shit my mouth is full. Not because of my manners, puh-lease I know those are horrid, but because I think my jaw went slack and peach drool started dribbling down my chin. Not really but that's how my mind figured it'd go. My second thought: No need to send this one to Marley. And my third thought: Mine.

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