S&S {E.H} pt1

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The clock strikes 10 pm and the boys already in bed. Since we had something important to do early tomorrow. And since they are in bed... that means I get to do my thing.
I dimmed the lights in my room and closed the blinds. I got into bed and grabbed my phone and vibrator. I searched "pornhub" on my phone and clicked on a video. I put my earphones on and watched, I felt myself get wet. I took my pants off and rubbed myself subtly over my panties while I felt them get wet. I turned on my vibrator and passed it a few times over my clit, i wasn't even starting and i was already panting. My heart raced and I watched him take his dick in and out her. I took my panties of and opened my legs wide. I started rubbing my clit with my hand. I was so wet, wow. I grabbed my dildo and teased myself with it quite a bit. Moans escaped   my tiny body and I tried entering the whole thing in my vagina.

{since I moved in a special dancer in the PM house, I have had kind of a crush on Edwin. I don't know, I just really liked him. He's sweet, hot, sexy, daddy, choke me. Anyway....}

My nipples got hard in my hands, as I rubbed them.
With thoughts of him all over my body.
Doing all sorts of positions. Doggy, cowgirl, Missionary, choking, hair pulling. whatever he was into.
I turned up the volume and put my phone a side.
I grabbed my vibrator in one hand and dildo on the other. With the vibrator I played with my clit making me writhe with every vibration. And at the same time I entered the dildo in and out, in and out.
I kept moaning but because of the volume of my phone I failed to acknowledge that.
I kept moaning, and moaning. I was at edge. I was about to cum. When suddenly a very high moan came out of my mouth "Edwin!!"  I screamed.

When suddenly, he opens the door with a piece of bread in his hand. "Uh? You called me?"

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