Chapter 4

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"Lady Artemis/Qrow!" Phoebe and Thalia shouted as they ran up to the the Goddess and the Huntsman.

"What happened to him?" Thalia asked once she saw the wound on Qrow's right side.

"Scorpion Faunus," Tai replied. "There is a low chance of survival with this venom..."

"How low?" Thalia asked him.

"10%," Tai replied. "He'll need a very powerful healer if he wants to survive."

"Who are you?" Phoebe asked him.

"I am Taiyang Xiao Long," Tai replied. "This is Qrow's twin sister, Raven."

"We should call Apollo," Thalia said. "He could..."

"NO!" Artemis, Raven, and Tai shouted.

"If we call him, he'll bring Qrow to Olympus..." Tai said.

"Which means that he'll die by your father's hands..." Raven continued.

"And that also means you and the others won't learn anything else about Remnant and his fighting skills..." Artemis finished.

"I will do no such thing."

Raven then unsheathed her sword and put it to the Sun God's neck.

"Tell me why I shouldn't kill you where you stand?" Raven hissed. "Because of you Olympian's, my brother is a drunk and still wishes for death."

"Rae," Tai said putting his hand on her shoulder. "Please, we need him to save Qrow's life... Then you can kill him."

Raven relented and said, "If you tell the Olympians about him, I'll kill you."

"You know you want me sweetheart," Apollo said.

"Oh no/shit," Artemis and Tai said as Raven tightened her grip on her sword and put the blade on the Sun God's throat.

"You say something like that one more time and I swear to Oum that I'll kill you and send you to the void," Raven growled at him. "Do you understand?"

Apollo gulped and nodded, before Raven sheathed her sword. Apollo then went to work healing Qrow, a few minutes later, he stopped and said, "He'll be out for a day or two. You are lucky I got to him as fast as I did... He would've died in just a few hours."

They then thanked the Sun God and Apollo left them alone with only the Hunt as company, and Tai excused himself as he picked up Qrow and took him back to his tent. Raven then turned to look at Artemis and saw worry in her eyes directed at Qrow.

"You like him don't you?" Raven asked the goddess.

Artemis' head whipped around so fast that Raven thought that she'd get whiplash and the goddess said, "N-NO! I don't!"

Raven just sighed and said, "You can't lie to me Arty... Just like Summer couldn't in my first life on Remnant."

Artemis froze and Raven began talking, "Me, Tai, and Qrow were all part of the same team back on Remnant in our past life. I abandoned my husband, and daughter, to go back to the Branwen Tribe."

"Who was Summer?" Artemis asked.

"My best friend and my partner," Raven said as a tear slid down her face, before wiping it off. "She died during a mission leaving behind a 2 year old daughter named Ruby and my daughter Yang... I never cried so much until that day, regretting my choice, but the damage was done and I never mustered up the courage to go back to my family. When our aura was unlocked in this life, we began to get flashes of our past lives. We gained our semblances, memories and our weapons from our past lives... but Percy, aka Qrow, received all of the semblances that he saw during the course of his lifetime... well more like 8 semblances he's seen. I can sense one's aura and I can tell who you are Artemis... or should I say Summer Rose?"

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