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Both's POV

It's been three weeks Kath.

Three weeks Dan. Three weeks.

It's been a living hell since that day.

I couldn't even call myself living.

Oh, how I wish I didn't left your side.

How I wanted to bring back the past.

But it doesnt matter to you.

But it's not like youre affected at all.

You always have Albie beside you.

Girls are always sorrounding you.

I may have my fans. But they're nothing compared to you.

Albie's right beside me. But I don't see him at all.

Every mornings just the same. I am always expecting you ta call my name again.

Every morning I still think of calling you. But then I remember. I shouldn't.

I hope you're happy with Albie.

"Losing You" (Kathniel)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!