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- Four Weeks Before Twins Are Due-

Harry groans, "Lou," he whines to his mate.

"Yes, baby?" Louis asks, stopping his attempt of cooking to go see Harry, who had been couch ridden for a week now.

"I can't take this anymore," he sobs.

Louis walks closer to him, and sits down next to the couch on the floor. He grabs Harry's hand, and leans forward to kiss his forehead.

"They'll be out soon," Louis tells him sympathetically. His looks over to Harry's belly. Stretch marks cover it, not that he can see them now, as he has a shirt on, and  he is twice the size of last time. Louis thinks he is beautiful. Thinks its so beautiful that this boy can carry his children. Gosh he loves him. "I love you..." Louis tells him, resting his head on the pillow Harry's is on.

"I love you too, Lou. Can you get me Winter?" Harry gives Louis pleading eyes, and of course, how could Louis resist?

"Sure, baby. I'll be right back..."

Harry nods, and tries to sit up. He succeeds, but it's hard, and hurts. His stomach is so so big, he doesn't know if he can last another four weeks.

He hears Louis walking back down, and looks up to wear he is holding Winter in his hand. She is squirming a lot. Harry giggles. He loves his little, expanding family.

Louis sits down next to Harry, and stand Winter up on his knee. She can't stand up by herself yet, so Louis holds her hands. She makes little sounds, and this goes on for a while, before Louis is putting Winter down in between them.

She flips around, and makes grabby hands at Harry. Winter talks some jiberish, which makes Louis and Harry coo. But they both freeze when they hear the next thing that comes out of her mouth.


Harry gasps, "Lou, did you hear that?!"

"Oh my god, Haz! She said her first word!"

Harry picks her up, and hugs her, as best he can, with his belly.

"My beautiful girl, youre so smart!"

Louis is smiling wide, as he moves closer, and holds one of her small hands in his own.

"Im so proud of you..." Louis tells her. And she may not understand, but she is smiling, and happy. And that's all that Louis, and Harry want for their baby.

"Ouch!" Harry let's out a pained cry. Louis' eyes widen, and he grabs Winter. Thinking she may of accidentally been pressing down on his stomach or something.

"What's wrong, baby?!"

Harry holds his stomach, "I think- fuck, I think I'm in labour, Lou..."

As soon as Harry says that, his water breaks.

"Fuck, okay, shit..." Louis stands up, one hand holding Winter, the other tugging on his hair. Anne isn't home... His parents are too far away, he'll have to take her. "Okay, baby. I'll go pack a bag quickly, then we need to go to the hospital, okay?"

Harry nods quickly, trying to take deep breaths.

Louis puts Winter on her play mat, and runs up stairs, as fast as possible. Thanking all the training for soccie he did, teaching him how to sprint.

Once he gets to the room, he grabs a bunch of Harry's clothes, and shoves them into the nearest bag. He also grabs the little grey jumpsuits he got for the babies. He decides that'll be enough, he can come back for more later.

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