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-Four Weeks Later-

Harry squirms as Louis peppers kisses all over his face.

"Stop, Lou!" the Omega giggles. Louis doesn't, deciding he would much rather give more kisses to his baby.

After a while, though, he stops, and just stares at the flushed boy below him.

He gives him a warm smile, "today's the day, baby. Nervous?"

"Yes. I don't know how they'll react... After everything. Plus twins, that's a lot to handle. And because I'm a male, you know how risky twins are, Lou. Something bad could happen."

Louis looks up, "d-don't say that. You'll be okay, baby. You're so strong my boy. I love you more then anything, so please don't say things like that. I couldn't bare it, baby."

Harry smiles at him, "well, just for the record, I couldn't bare be without you either."

Louis grins, and leans down to nuzzle his face in Harry's neck, trying to hide his blushed cheeks.

"You're so cute, I can't handle it..." Louis murmurs.

Harry giggles, his own face tinting a shade of pink, "shut up, Louis!"

Louis pulls back, and then is leaning forward again, lips connecting with Harry's.

"You're so perfect," he tells the Omega.

Harry closes his eyes, and brushes his lips against Louis' lips, wanting more.

Louis gets the hint, and presses his lips against Harry's, gently moving them.

Then, Louis is kissing down Harry's jaw, onto his neck.

Murmuring, 'beautiful' and 'gorgeous'.

Harry pants a little, suddenly feeling desperate.

"Lou," he whimpers, voice cracking.

Louis pulls back, "baby... We don't have time to do anything, I won't have long enough to prep you."

Harry grinds up, forcing Louis to feel how hard he is. Just from kissing. Louis has that affect.

Louis looks at his boy for a moment, unsure on what to do, when an idea pops into his head.

"Hmm... How about daddy sucks you off, baby?" Louis asks, leaning forward to gently nibble on Harry's plump bottom lip.

"Yes, yes. Please!"

Louis smirks, and pushes himself down, so he is inbetween Harry's legs.

He raises an eyebrow when he sees Harry has on his superman pyjama pants. They are tight though, perfectly outlining Harry's thighs.

Harry blushes more, not that Louis could really tell, because of his flushed face.

Louis smiles at him, and pulls down the blue and red pants. Eyes widening when Harry's cock springs free, not another layer holding it down.

He gets to work quickly, not having enough time to tease Harry.

He kitten licks the precum, that was forming on the slit.

Harry looks down at the Alpha, just as his tongue darts out, and his pink lips start suckling on the tip.

Harry let's out a broken cry, "Lou... More please." Harry places his hand into Louis' hair.

Louis does as his told, makes the desicion of putting more of Harry into the tight heat of his mouth.

Harry let's out short, shallow breaths. Closing his eyes, he let's out little 'uh' noises.

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