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-Three Weeks Later-

"I can't wait for the ultrasound today, Lou!" Harry tells him, beyond excited.

Louis walks closer to his boyfriend, who is making the bed. The Alpha rests his hand, on Harrys hips.

"Neither can I, baby..." Louis leans forward, kissing his Omega. "I love you so much."

Harry blushes, and giggles, "I love you more, much more."

"Mm. I doubt it, very much," Louis tells him, pressing his lips against Harry's forehead.

Suddenly, Louis' phone makes a message sound. Louis sighs, better check that. He pecks Harry's lips again, before walking over to the bed side table, where it was charging.

Sadly it got knocked off of the charger last night when Harry and Louis were doing some... Activities. And when Louis woke up it was nearly flat.

He grabs it, and opens it. Eyes bulging when he does.

The ultrasound is today. Don't have to come if you don't want to.

Louis looks up at Harry, smiling at his beautiful boy.

What time is it?


"Hey, Haz. What time is your ultrasound at?"

Harry looks like he's thinking for a moment, before answering, "one thirty," he then proceeds to give Louis a dimply smile, as he sits on the now made bed.

I'll be there.

You don't have to.

I want to.

The Alpha puts his phone down, and sits next to Harry.

"Hey baby?" he says to Harry, whose looking down at his phone, curly hair falling down, covering his face.

"Yeah?" he looks up at Louis. His beautiful green eyes staring into Louis' blue ones.

"Joseph has an ultrasound today too... At one, fifteen." Louis tell him, gently.

"Oh... That's great. I bet you're excited about seeing your baby." Harry says, voice breaking a bit.

Louis scratches the back of his neck, "yeah, yeah I am."

Harry purses his lips, "that's good, babe." Harry says, and rolls out of the bed. "I'm going to get a snack." Harry tell him.

"Are you mad?" Louis asked, eyes following Harry.

Harry stops at the door, "no, babe. Of course not." then, he walks out.

Louis doesn't know if Harry was being sarcastic or not. He sighs to himself, and lays back into the bed.

-A few hours later-

"You ready to go? We will have to be there earlier, so you can be there for Joseph." Harry says, quite bluntly. He hasn't spoken to Louis much. Harry isn't upset with Louis, more upset that he couldn't have this day just with Louis.

"Yeah, baby. I'm ready," Louis tells him, grabbing the car keys, and putting his hand on Harry's lower back, guiding him out.

Once they get to the car, they both get in. Harry still seems pisses, to Louis. He doesn't know what to do, though.

He just sighs, and starts the car, once they're both buckled in. They had decided to take Winter to Jay's house earlier in the day. She hadn't had a babysit in a while, and she wanted to look after her.

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