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-Four Weeks Later-

"Harry Styles!" the older woman yells put, causing people to snap their heads up. Louis, and Harry stand up, hand in hand.

"Are you sure, baby? I don't want you to get hurt..." Louis says, worried, as he squeezes Harrys hand.

"I'm sure, Lou. I need to know, okay?" Harry tells him, as they walk down the long corridor.

"Harry, no. It doesn't matter whose baby this is, I'll treat it like my own, Haz. Please. As far as I'm concerned this is my baby. Please." Louis begs his mate, not wanting him to get hurt.

Harry sighs, "no, Lou. I-I can't. I have to do this, I'm sorry," Harry tells him, sympathetically.

"Fine," Louis grumbles, as they turn into the door the woman was leading them to.

"So. Harry styles," she picks up a clipboard, with information on it. "Okay, today we're going to do an ultrasound. You won't see much at the moment though... Then we can do the DNA test. We have..." she looks at the papers, "Louis Tomlinsons blood sample, but not the other potential fathers. That's should be okay, though. Shall we do the ultrasound, and we'll take it from there?"

Harry nods, "sounds great."

Louis just wrinkles his nose, not understanding why Harry has to do this. He will treat the baby exactly like Winter.

Harry had said to Louis, that Cris looked totally different, and they'd know when he grew up. Louis had tried to explain to him that it wouldnt matter, but Harry wasn't having it.

Louis doesn't know what Harry is going to do if it's not his. Abortion? Maybe. But Louis doesn't think Harry would be able to do that... Louis doesn't know.

"Okay, lay down on the table, and lift your shirt up for me, please Harry." Louis watches as Harry does what he is told, hands shaking as he lifts his top. Louis knows this is hurting Harry, as much as it is him.

Louis has a feeling its going to be Cris' they always have bad luck, and Louis thinks this will just be another point against them.

"Alright, Hun. This gel it going to be a little cold..." The woman days, before putting the wand, with blue gel onto Harry's stomach.

Harry let's out a little hissing sound, Louis moves forward to grab Harry's hand. Trying to comfort him.

The woman, Delia, her name is, moves the wand around a bit." Here we go," she points up to the screen, "see that little dot there? That's your baby, Harry!"

Louis tries to smile, but she specifically said Harry's baby, and that hurt the Alpha... She doesn't know its not his baby yet.

Harry must've noticed too, because he looks over, a smile on his face, "that's our baby, Lou," he tells him emphasising the 'our'.

Louis smiles, and leans down to peck Harry on the lips.

"Okay, you can hop up, and I will take you down to the room we will do the DNA test in," she tells him, wiping off the excess gel.

Harry gets off the bed, and pulls his shirt back down.

Delia leads them to a room, that has a desk, a bed, a couch, and some technical equipment.

"Okay, have a seat on the couch, ans we will go through the process," Delia tells them, sitting behind the desk.

Both Louis, ans Harry sit down in the couch.

"Now... You know this is a very risky procedure?"

Harry nods, "yes."

"Not only for you, but for the baby too."

Harry hesitates this time, before nodding.

"Okay, well. Louis, you're going to have to leave the room now." Delia smiles at him, before getting up, ans going to do something over near the bed.

"You can back out now, baby, before anything bad happens, please, I can't lose you!" Louis says, panicked.

Harry leans his forehead against Louis, "nothing bad is going to happen, okay? I promise you." Harry links his pinky with Louis'.

Louis sniffs, "I love you, Harry."

"I love you more, Louis."

"Alright, Harry. I'm ready over here, so when you're ready." Louis leans forward, and presses his lips firmly against Harry.

He then kisses his forehead, gives him a sad smile, whispers I love you, ans walks out. Body trembling.


"Louis!" Louis lifts his head up, to see Delia.

"Is Harry okay?!" Louis asks, standing up.

Delia smiles, and nods, "yes, the nurses are getting him ready to come out now. I'm going to go run these samples, and then we can meet back into my room, and I'll give you the results."

Louis nods, "thank you, Delia." she smiles, nods, and walks off.

Louis sits back down, and not long later Harry comes out.

"Haz!" Louis tells, running up to him, and gently hugging him, before peppering kisses all over his face.

Harry giggles, and catches Louis' lips into a real kiss.

Harry pulls away, "Delai told me to go wait in her office, which is three doors down. Shall we go there?" Harry asks his boyfriend.

Louis nods, and kisses his cheek, "let's go, baby."

Once they got there, the boys sat there for around twenty minutes, before Delia was coming in with a handful of papers.

She sits down behind an old, wooden desk,and puts her glasses on, flicking through the papers.

Harry's closes his eyes, and grips Louis' hand tightly.

"Well... Looking at the DNA, it's seems that everything matches up to Louis'. Congratulations! You two are having a baby, " Delia beams at them.

Harry gasps, and his face goes into an expression of relief. So does Louis'. Its there baby! They're having another baby. They both stand up, and hug eachother, before giving each other a kiss.

"we're having another baby!" Louis whispers, Harry smiles, wide, tears welling up in his eyes.

"I love you, Lou."

Hey! So... I read about this DNA test ages ago, I was studying it in science. And they put a massive needle into the mothers (in this case Harry's) stomach, and get a sample of the cells out. I didn't put it in full description in the book because I'm not 100% sure how it works. I only really remember that part. But if it goes wrong it can cause a lot of damage.

Anygayyyy 🌈
I hope you liked this chapter!

Any thoughts on whether it should be a boy or girl, or any names, comment or pm me. ❤️

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