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Harry sneaks into his room late at night. It had got dark, and had been dark for quite sometime. Not that Harry noticed, though. He was too busy crying to notice anything.

He had put his phone on, and saw it was three o'clock in the morning. He had 49 messages from Louis, and 28 missed calls.

He decided to go home, he couldn't stay here crying all night. So that's why he came home, and as he sneaks into the room, he notices Louis fast asleep.

The moonlight through the curtains cast shadows from his eyelashes, onto his damp cheeks. Harry sighs, and walks over to him, he gently wipes the tears, and kisses him on the forehead.

Harry pressed his lips on his Alphas forehead for quite some time, before pulling back, and noticing a note.

Dear Harry,
I hope you get this... And I wake up tomorrow with you next to me. I'm scared, I love you so much. I'm scared to lose you. What I'm about to write, seems harsh I know, but I'd give up the world for you, you know? If you don't want me to have anything to do with this child, I won't. I made the worse mistake, and it keeps coming back to haunt me. But you're the one getting hurt, and it kills me. No matter what, Harry always remember that, from the moment I laid eyes on you, you know, when we bumped into each other, I knew you were the one. Love at first sight? Definitely. I knew I loved you then, Harry. Before you even told me your name. So don't you ever, ever think you're second best. Because you're my number one. Just like I wrote on your cast, 'Harry Styles. You're the cutest, curliest person ever!' you're my cute, curly number one.
I don't think you'll ever understand how much I love you. How much my heart swells every time I see you. You're my one and only forever, baby. You're my great love story. You. Nobody else. Because you're the one I want. And you know why I wrote all this lovey dovey, cheesy stuff? Because I love you, and I want you to know, no baby will ever come between us. Because you're number one to me, always.
-Love your always and forever. Your Sexy daddy. :P

Harry chuckles through tears, of course Louis writes him a cute note, he loves it.

And the desicion about the child being up to him? That's not what Harry wants. But Harry will choose for Louis to be apart of the babies life. Harry didn't have a father figure, but he wishes he did. And he knoww Louis will regret it.

Now or never, Harry thinks to himself as he gently shakes his sleeping Alpha.

Louis stirs awake, yawning and looking up. He gasps when he sees Harry, and quickly gets up to give him a tight hug.

"Baby! Where did you go?
I was so worried, I missed you, I love you." Louis rambles, now kissing every inch of Harry's face.

Harry smiles, and then frowns, "Lou... I need to tell you something."

"What is it?" Louis asks, then his breathing starts getting ragged, "you're breaking up with me aren't you?" he tears up, "Harry please don't! I love you so much," he chokes out a sob.

Harry cups Louis' face, trying to calm him down. "Lou, no. I'm pregnant."

Louis gasps, and kisses Harry, "We're having a baby?" he grins. "Oh my God, Haz. I'm so excited!" Louis' eyes are lit up in glee.

"Lou, I dont know if it's yours..."

Louis moods drops, mouth opening a shutting, like he doesn't know what to say.

"Remember when you picked me up from that house, after I had the one night stand? The dates add up to them, buy we also, you know, around the same time... I've looked it up, ans I can get a DNA test. Its dangerous for me, though. But I have to do it, Lou. I need to know this baby is yours."

Louis nods, still looking at loss of words. His eyes look sad, and tired. At the moment, Harry thinks he looks like he has no life in him.

"Come on, Lou. Let's get some sleep okay?"

Louis sniffles, and nods, getting back onto bed, facing Harry's way, arms open.

Harry smiles, and tucks himself in next to Louis.

"I love you, Lou." Harry breathes out, feeling Louis silently crying, while they are cuddling.

"I love you too, Haz," Louis says, voice raspy.

Hope you enjoyed this chapter! :) x

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