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Harry sighs to himself, as he feeds Winter with her bottle. He needs to tell Louis about the pregnancy.

He decides he has to do it today... He can't chicken out. He was going to tell Louis yesterday, but Louis had planned that romantic night, and he just couldn't ruin it. Louis put in such an effort.

"Is she ready, Haz?!" Anne asks, walking into the dining room, whilst putting an earring in.

"Yeah, she is ready," Harry smiles at his mother, although sad that she is taking Winter.

"I'm sorry this is last minute, I know you wanted to spend time with her today, but my friends were dying to see her," Anne explains.

"It's fine, mum. I'm with her a lot anyway," Harry says, glad that Winter won't be in the house when Harry tells Louis. Louis is going to be mad, Harry thinks.

"Alright say bye to dad, Winter," Anne says, waving Winter's little hand, causing the baby to erupt into giggles.

"Bye, baby girl," Harry waves at her, giving her a large grin.

Anne smiles, "bye, Hun," she says, and walks out.

Harry huffs, gets out of his seat, and takes the bottle to the kitchen to clean.

Suddenly a pair of arms are wrapped around him, ans a pair of lips are against his neck.

Harry giggles, "Lou, what are you doing?"

"Giving my beautifuk boy a hug. What are you doing?" Louis spins Harry around, faces close to one another.

"Cleaning Winter's bottle..." Harry says, mildly distracted.

"I have a better idea on what we could be doing," Louis whispers into Harry's ear.

"And what's that?" Harry whimpers.

Louis takes a hold of Harry's hand, and drags him upstairs.

Once they're at the room, Louis connects his lips with Harry's. Harry's lips rub against his. Louis loves it.

Louis pushes Harry onto the bed, Louis hovering over him, lips still slotted together.

Louis traces his tongue over Harry's bottom lip, causing Harry to part his lip, and Louis to start licking in his mouth.

Harry pressed his tongue against Louis, trying to deepen the kiss.

Harry whimpers, and says a muffled, "please, Lou."

Louis pulls back, and stares at Harry, "want me to fuck you, baby?"

Harry nods quickly, he really wants Louis too.

"Let mee just get the lube... Oh and a condom, don't want anymore babies," Louis jokes.

Harry freezes, "w-wha-?"

Louis furrows his eyebrows, still hovering over Harry. "We will have more babies someday, I just don't want one now."

"Why, Lou?" Harry slips up into a sitting position, making Louis have to move.

"I don't want to talk about this now, Harry." Louis pinches the bridge of his nose, sitting on his knees on the bed.

"We need to, Louis. Why don't you want another baby?" Harry tells him, needing to know if there is a legitimate reason why Harry can't have the baby.

"Because I'm already having one!" Louis snaps.

Harry is slightly taken back by the harsh way Louis said that. But he is more confused about the sentence that had just fallen from Louis' lips.

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