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9:12 AM

It was that familiar fragrant manly scent that caught my attention the moment I woke up, making me fully aware of his presence in my room, inside my arms. My eyes were still closed but my other senses were slowly becoming aware of my surroundings. I could feel his body next to mine, his arm around my waist, his face buried against my neck, with his lips slightly touching my skin. How his soft lips ended up that close to my neck, I didn't really know. All I knew was the fact that we were snuggling against each other perfectly right now.

I would've wanted to sleep more on a morning like this. It was cold and the warmth his body was giving me enticed me to go back to sleep right away. It was like sitting in front of the fireplace on a wintry day but a thousand times better. Okay, maybe I was exaggerating but that's how I exactly feel at the very moment.

Yah, Park Hae Won, would you please behave yourself? You're at your Aunt's house! My kill joy subconscious just knew how to burst my bubble.

I opened my eyes and was welcomed by the instant realization that everything was indeed real. Not that I thought I was dreaming, though I still have the tendency to think that way. I leaned my head away a little so I could take a peek of his sleeping face and found him definitely looking at peace.

Then, as if Baekhyun got a signal, he moved. He brought an arm right over my waist to gently pull me closer.

"Baek...we need to wake up... We're at my aunt's house." I informed him.

He murmured something in a way that only a baby would understand.

"Baek... We have to go talk to her now. She must be waiting." I reminded him once more.

He groaned.

"But I like this..." He protested sounding like a total baby while he buried his face against my neck.

"Baekhyun..." I scolded him, slightly trying to remove his hand over my waist but he resisted of course.

"But I love you." He reasoned out and I could clearly imagine him pouting until I felt his soft lips making contact with my skin for a brief moment.

I paused and swallowed at the realization that he just kissed my neck but he didn't seem to give attention to my reaction because he even pulled me closer to him even though there was absolutely zero space between us already.

"Baek-" I tried to talk him out of it but ended up being cut when he leaned away a bit so he could meet my eyes.

"You know, you're supposed to tell me you love me too. Right?" He said in a matter of fact tone, one eyebrow up and ending his statement with a slight pout. "Unless you don't."

Gosh, how could this man be all grown up and still be this adorable?

"Ugh, stop being cute Baekhyun." I replied sounding a bit more amused than annoyed, actually. "But yes, I love you." I added, obviously falling for his antics.

"Of course you do." His pretty lips forming into a proud and crooked smile.

Oh god, what is going on inside his head again? I got a little scared while I recalled what happened last night. Especially when he-Oh gosh, I could feel my face blushing again. So, before he could even make a crazy move, I slightly pushed him away from me so I could get up. I was already sitting and was about to stand on my feet when he pulled me back to him once more.

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