Swapped Two

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The first thought that came to Marinette's mind was... Omg, Chat was wrong

The second... OMG CHAT IS ADRIEN!!

Marinette gulped and looked back up at Sabine. "Sorry, I didn't know that Marinette wasn't home." It felt weird to say her own name like this.

She left the bakery as quick as she could and got out her phone. She noticed that in place of Tikki was another kwami that had cat ears, and huge green eyes. She quickly realized that it was Cat Noir's kwami.

She fiddled with her phone a bit before finally getting on Adrien's phone number. She thought about if she wanted to text or call him.

Finally she decided to call him, but Adrien beat her to it and called her first.

"Mari... Marinette, are you there?"

"Yes. Uh... Adrien?" She didn't know how to tell him about what was going on. Finally getting enough courage, she blurted it out, realizing that Adrien has said something as well at the same time.

"Are you me?"

Marinette bit her lips, realizing that Adrien had the same problem.

"Marinette, what's going on?"

"I don't know," Marinette replied. "How should I know? At first we were fighting off akumas, the next minute we're...each other."

She gulped again, realizing that she had just admitted she was Ladybug, even though Adrien was going to know anyway.

"What day is it today?" Adrien suddenly asked.

"Wednesday. Why?" Marinette frowned.

"Nothing. Anyway, we probably should switch houses so the others won't get confused," Adrien said. "It won't be so bad to live like you. But, um... Don't hate my life."

Marinette frowned again, but decided to let is slide, as that was not important now.

How long is this going to go on for?!


It was the next Wednesday. The weird thing that had been happening was that after Wednesday, either Marinette had blonde hair, or she had completely turned into Adrien.

Marinette groaned and started heading to her seat.

"Uh Mari- Adrien," Adrien looked up at her, pointing at his seat. "You sit here. I sit there."

Then Marinette remembered she wasn't herself. "Ah, sorry." She rushed to Adrien's seat in embarrassment.

"Oh Adrienkins, you must not be feeling well to mistake your seat for Marinette," Chloe turned to her.

Little does she know that I'm actually Marinette.

"Yes, I'm just tired," Marinette sighed.

"Adrien, wanna hang out after school?" Chloe winked at her. "They released this amusement park."

"Uh..." She turned to Adrien, who was shaking his head at her. "Uh, no."

Chloe pouted. "Fine!"

*After school*

"And Daddy got me this new purse. It's way better than the one Mari-trash has." Chloe stuck her tongue at Adrien. She then let go of Marinette's hand, and walked over to him.

"Hey Mari-trash," she smirked, folding her arms. She then turned to Marinette. "Hey Adrien, come join me in having fun beating this pathetic girl!"

So this is how Chloe treats Marinette when I'm not around?!

Adrien clenched his fist. "Back away, Chloe. I'm not the same girl as you think I am. Touch me, and I'll teach you a lesson!"

Chloe backed away, then she smirked. "Finally got some guts to talk back to me?!"

"Just go away."

"Adrien, Marinette is being mean to me!" Chloe ran to Marinette and fell in her arms. "Beat her up, she's being mean."

Why would I want to beat myself up.

"Chloe, stop being a baby," Marinette blurted. "Just leave Marinette alone, or else I'll stop being your friend."

"But... But Adrien..." Chloe whined. "How can you take her side?!"

Because she me. And I wouldn't even have the guts to want to beat Adrien up.

"Adrien, let's go shopping!!" Chloe started dragging her away. While at it, Adrien gave her an apologetic look.

I can't wait till I go back to my own body...

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