Chapter 87

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Is this how you seduce all of your girls? Be an asshole, and then give them the biggest sob story ever and the prettiest puppy dog eyes?

Evelyn was in the motion of rising from the bed to hug him when Zayn’s mobile buzzed.

He grunted with annoyance, and was about to shoot at whomever dared to ruin such perfect moment, when he saw the called ID…

His face dropped.

“I have to take this.”


Evelyn frowned as Zayn dashed out of the room, but didn’t stop him.

She crocked one of her eyebrows. Did he just pass on a chance at a naked hug?

“Jonah, I hope you remember to only call me if it’s absolutely nessecary,” Zayn hissed as he raced out of the room.

He casually looked up and down the empty hallway; he hated eavesdroppers.

There was no one in the hallway, but Zayn kept his voice low anyway, in case it was a military, social or political emergency.

“Well answer me, you idiot!”

“Wow, man did I catch you at a bad time?” Jonah’s voice transferred from the other end.

“All I’m saying is that this better be fucking important or you’ll spend some quality time with a few wooden whips and without blood for a couple of months,” Zayn half growled. The threat wasn’t one that he intended for carrying out, but at the time, he wanted nothing more than to whip Jonah till he was covered in deep gashes and his own blood.

Evelyn was finally showing signs of sympathy, she was pitying me, she believed that there are good and reasons behind my evil and you ruined the moment, you fucking bastard. If you weren’t so good at your job helping me run this damn planet, then I swear, you won’t live through the night you fucking imbecile.

“It’s a bad time, isn’t it?” Jonah half laughed. “Don’t tell me I just called you in the middle of getting laid, because if you are this can wait…”

“Shut up!” Zayn roared, a little bit unintentional because it was loud enough for Evelyn to hear from within the room. He dashed down the hallway, making sure to put some distance between himself and their hotel room; he didn’t want Evelyn to hear what they were about to discuss. “Get on with it, you had already ruined the fucking moment, and this better be something worth calling me for.”

“Do you have a boner?” Jonah laughed from the other end, obviously finding the whole situation very amusing.

“Do you want to die?” Zayn replied in his usual, threatening and intimidating voice. “Because if you don’t get on with it, I will kill you; and that’s a promise.”

“Sorry, I just thought it would be a little weird to have a conversation with you whilst you are hard and excite,” Jonah let out a bellow laugh, Zayn could almost see his friend’s face slowly reddening. “Just tell me you weren’t in the middle of getting it on with her, because if you were, then please go back and finish your buissne—” Jonah was cut off.

“If you don’t get on with it, then I promise you, Jonah, I will kill your sorry ass.”

Jonah lets out another roaring laughter from the other end, obviously still highly amused. “I’m sorry man… “But I’m sorry to say this may not be important enough to leave your darling goddess alone and horny in her bed… I was just calling to make sure you are still going through with the plan, because I should give the bitch a little more permanent guards and people to watch her every move.”

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