XVIII - I Was Blind

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Grandview Hotel
Whitetail Mountains
That Same Night...

Tick tock, goes the clock.
The words sail as a ship from the dock.
The world will fall to their knees
And all sins fade away...
And then
there were three...

Her mind had composed a silly rhyme to pass the time when they all sat there. Jacob had his arms folded, Joseph his fingers laced together in front of him on the table. Diana had stood up, pacing slightly in impatience as they had not done much aside from exchange irritable glances as to who would go first.

It had been a long time coming; a stand-off between three of the five figureheads in Eden's Gate. And while it had little to do with actual church business, it involved the church entirely, and why Diana was here at all. She dreaded this moment since the night she left him there on the dock—but she hadn't fathomed the gravitas of the conversation she was about to have.

It took a while to get the engines running, but when push came to shove—or rather, a furious threat to take the next flight out of Dodge from Diana, Jacob broke his silence.

"Fine... so what are we doing, hm? We're just gonna hold hands and pray that Sheriff gets the message when we send Pratt to him in a bag and him and his friends will just up and leave us alone?"

Diana set her emerald glare on Jacob instantly. He wasn't ever known for his patience, and as the clock ticked on, the aggravation of the repetitive noise against the palpable tension between them made him irritable.

"It's time to regroup. Heal what wounds have been opened..." Joseph muttered, to which Diana nodded in agreement. "None of us are in any shape to go anywhere, we know that. So... we plan our next move. And in the meantime, clear up some things that have been brought up..."

Jacob's brow's furrowed, more than a little ticked off to see that this was the first time in a long time that Diana and Joseph agreed on something. They'd shared a distaste of one another, even if it seemed a little one-sided, where Diana would rather not face him—leaving Joseph to ask where she had been in her avoidance... So why are they being like this now? He wondered. He wanted to know what changed. He need to know. So, he had to step up to the plate first.

Running a hand over his beard, Jacob sat forward and did as his wife had asked. He had what she likened to a conversational shorthand, a way to paraphrase the events from his account that brought them to the present. He verified most of what she believed was true; how he met her after the Bliss explosion, the Judge bear attacks at the lodge where they escorted citizens to safety. It was followed up with her recovery from that accident, the mistrust in John who ratted them out when she stayed with him.

Slowly, she was starting to see in the clearing fog of her mind, corroborating the pieces given to her by Pratt and the others. Jacob did his best to fill in those blanks, everything seemed as if it had been caused by that dreadful drug, and the ultimate weapon of choice... The Bliss.

She said nothing, however.

No hmms or huh's to validate him. It was difficult to discern truths from lies now, but she admired that he was candid, giving his own take on how he felt about John's treatment of her, during the atonement, as she went through the trials of judgment.

He even summed up their first real night together; the night he brought her to her future home after she'd already been punished for sharing a bed with him. That had been for tempting him. But as he had assured her he would keep her safe from being punished again by his brothers, she let him in, trusted him, and they made love.

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