Untitled Part 10

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I had wings once. An owl's wings. White and spotted gold. Soft and silent. Gentle with my love.

I was an angel once. Innocent and wise. Kindness overflowing. I thought nothing of giving aid. I let them take my feathers, knowing it gave them comfort.

I was wrong once. Wings bleeding. Ravaged and torn. Filled with pain. Used again and again and thrown away. No longer do I want to help them. No longer do I have something to give.

I had wings once. And have no longer. One, gone in it's entirety. The other jagged, broken bone. Scarred flesh and pain.

I was an angel once. And am no longer. Earthbound and bitter. I see others like I once was. I am jealous of their feathers.

I was wrong once. And care no longer. I reach for another's wings. Ravaging and tearing. Bringing pain. Using up and throwing away. There are no demons. There is only us.

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