Crushing😍 P.1- Kai & Nya

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Just a quick reminder, Hyde is an orginal character created by Ice-Ninja ! Thank you Ice once again!

Hyde had always respected you and your siblings. Even though he seems a little rough on the outside, he's a softy on the inside.

Over the last few years you have really gotten to know him well. And you liked him a lot, even love him. But, because of his nature, you were worried he might not like you back.

But! That didn't mean that you were a coward, now that you were 17 and had been given permission by your brother and sister to date. You felt it was time to tell him.

Hyde was currently in the training room cleaning his guns before they got another mission. He heard footsteps and glanced up at the door way to see you walk in. "Hello." He greeted and continued cleaning his gun.

You walked over and sat next to him, observing him cleaning. "Hey. Cleaning you gun again?" You asked.

Hyde nods. "Yep, making sure it's in prime condition before we get another mission." He stated, setting the barrel brush down next to the rest of his cleaning tools. "Something on your mind?" He asked.

You just smiled a bit, he always knew when something was up. You nodded. "Yeah actually, I have something I need to tell you."

Hyde set down his gun and wiped his hands off with a towel. "Yeah? What is it you need to tell me?" He asked curiously.

"Hyde, I've really enjoyed getting to know you, and becoming your friend over the past few years. And, I like you, a lot. I've always felt different, yet happy around you. And I thought you should know how I feel." You said, looking down at your hands to avoid eye contact.

Hyda gently took your hands into his and lifted your chin so you were looking at him. "Hey, don't feel intimidated or afraid. In fact the feelings are mutual." He said kindly.

You looked at him in shock. "You really do? You like me like I like you?" You asked with joy welling up in your heart.

"Yes Y/N, I like you, like you, like me."

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