Crushing😍 P.1- Zane

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You and Kai both liked each other, and you both knew that. But, you guys had just been waiting till your brother had given the OK to start dating.

Zane chuckled when he found out how childish both you and Kai were being when you can to talk to him. "So can we?" You asked eagerly.

Zane just smiled, he knew he could trust Kai to be loving and caring towards you. And Kai knew what was okay and what wasn't when dating you. "Yes, I give you my permission to date my sister." He told Kai.

Kai smiled and nodded at Zane. "I promise to care for her, I won't ever hurt her." He promised Zane, and you.

"So I have two tickets to a movie, wanna go with me?" Kai asked you with a smile, happy to finally be your boyfriend.

You nodded and smiled happily. "Yes! Come on, let's go. We'll have popcorn, and soda, and candy!" You went on naming different things you were going to have.

You two went to the movie, and enjoyed it very very much. You were so happy to be dating the one you loved. And you couldn't wait to see what was set ahead if you two in your lives.

Kai took your hands in his under the night sky. "Y/N, I have a few things I want to say. If That's okay." He said as you looked into his eyes and smiled softly.

"Sure, what is it?" You asked, wondering what it could be he wanted to say.

"Y/N, if it's good with you, I want to save our first till our wedding day, first kiss, everything. If you will?" He asked, he wanted this relationship to be very special, with the intention of marriage down the road.

You agreed with what he had said, doing that would make your firsts much more special. "I agree with you, we keep our firsts for that day. I love you Kai."

"I love you more."

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