Chapter 4

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Present Day

Kenzie's POV

After telling Luke about the baby a few days ago word spread around the town. Not by Luke of course, but from Babette. She over heard Lane's loudly question it when I told her. My father was a different story I told him over the phone and he said he would support me no matter what. So the town knows and my family knows... Well not all the family.

"Here we are." I say.

"Yeah. Look dont tell them." Mom says.

"She has to. They will find out eventually and its best coming from her." Rory says.

Rory pushed the doorbell and the maid opened the door and we walked inside. This gave me flashbacks to when well...


Jess and I spent alot of time together since that night and I couldnt help, but like him. Since today is Friday we had Friday night dinner.

"So how is Chilton?" Grandma asks Rory.

"Oh its good." Rory says.

"Thats wonderful. Lorelai hows that Inn?" Grandma asks.

"Its great." Mom says.

Then she just started talking about her day and everything. Thats when my phone went off.

"What is that?" Grandma asks.

"Just my phone." I say.

"Who is it?" Rory asks.

"No one." I say slightly blushing.

"Its Jess isnt it." Mom says.

"Maybe." I say.

My mom started off not liking Jess, but he started to show her the Jess I know so she is okay with us hanging out.

"Who is Jess?" Grandma asks.

"Jess is my friend." I say.

"And Luke's nephew." Rory adds.

"I thought last time you said Jess was a bad boy. Now she is running around with him. Yikes." Grandma says.

I didnt know what to say and I just ignored her. She just does this and it bothers me. I'll just have to deal with it.

Present Day

"Well this is nice. Its been awhile since we have all been together." Grandpa says.

"Yeah. Its nice having all of us together." Grandma says.

"Dinner is ready." The maid says.

We got into the dinning room and the food was put in front of us and my eyes widen. It was chicken and I couldnt stand the smell. I got up and rushed the  bathroom and started throwing up. Once I was done I got out of the bathroom and sat on the stairs.

"Hey you okay?" Rory asks.

"No. I cant go back in there. The smell is making me sick." I say.

"I know." She says and rubs my back as I rested my head on her shoulder.

We sat on the stairs and then Grandma finally came walking in and she was pissed.

"God you run out and then didnt even come back what is the deal!" Grandma yells.

"Nothing! Im leaving." I say.

I walked out and once I was outside I realized my mom give me the ride here.

"Young lady come back inside at once. You will eat the food and be respectful." Grandma says.

"I cant eat that. It makes me sick." I say.

"Why not?" She asks.

"Im.. I..." I say.

"Your... No! Your not. You better not be!" She yells.

"Yes you got it! Okay Im pregnant." I say.

She gave me a disappointed look and then my mom walked out. Mom sent me inside as she and grandma had an argument. This is my life now. Great.

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