Fort Collins, Colorado

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My name is Greg W. Anderson, Fort Collins Club president and founder. This is a short story on why I love my hometown and why this community is the most enriching community I have ever been apart of. 

I helped put together the Downtown Club of Fort Collins, a fraternal organization dedicated to giving back to the community. 


Created by a group of like-minded business leaders, the Downtown Club of Fort Collins serves its own and neighboring communities. The Downtown Club is a not-for-profit, non-sectarian men's organization that provides life skills and vocational training opportunities for at-risk youth and for members of the community in need. It also provides financial support for numerous organizations in the Northern Colorado region. The group's goal is to improve lives, setting the stage for future successes. Through volunteerism opportunities and community services, the Club has helped to transform thousands of lives. Greg Anderson is the president of the Downtown Club. His background in the financial services field and his passion for helping others makes him an ideal leader for the organization.

While the DCFC was established in 2018, its history stretches back nearly 50 years. The organization began from a chapter of Sertoma International, an organization of community service clubs founded in 1912. The Northern Colorado branch was founded in 1948, and was comprised of business leaders, local officials, and members of the Fort Collins community. Today, the Downtown Club keeps the community service spirit alive, bringing together people who wish to make a positive impact on the communities in which they live and work.

In its brief history as the Downtown Club, the group has sponsored many other community-based charitable organizations, including:

Crossroads Safehouse

Realities for Children


Boys and Girls Clubs of Larimer County

Larimer County Foster Care - 

Project Smile Fort Collins

The Downtown Club's sponsorship of these valuable community organizations is a combination of funding, fundraising, and volunteerism. The group supports others, donating thousands of work hours in service projects and helping to provide financial assistance for programs. Members of the organization provide such services as vocational and life skills training programs for at-risk youth of the community, focusing on underserved citizens and neighborhoods in the greater Fort Collins area. With their support and with the leadership of business owners, educators, and local community leaders, the future is very bright indeed for the entire community. Each of the Downtown Club's members believes in supporting charitable endeavors, raising awareness and providing the support and funding needed to serve others in need. 


Greg Anderson, RICP, CEA is a celebrated business owner and fiscal programs expert. Greg resides and works in the Fort Collins area of Colorado, wherein he serves as the CEO and co-founder of an investment management firm. Anderson possesses 18 years of expertise inside the financial profession, having mentioned many duties throughout his professional career. Greg is a Social Security Certified Professional and is accomplished at delivering his organization's prospects with revolutionary retirement financial investment suggestions.

He is a graduate of Colorado. Following finishing his college education, he decided to help an industrial reality developer in Denver, giving him exposure to challenging projects and the detailed reviews that are required with said projects. This formed the base of his after profession and presented him with the solutions he needed to prosper. Not long after leaving behind the development job, he marched forward with his own unique small business, that of Balanced Financial, Inc in Fort Collins. Anderson has a skill for comprehending all elements of the fiscal programs area, helping his patrons target investments that produce gains across the short- and long-terms.

Greg differs from other finance coaches because he focuses on cost-effective investment decisions that help. In short, he is unconventional in the sense that he reports his clients far away from quick gain financial investments that tend not to possess long-lasting performance. Retirement is among his areas of expertise, and he appeals to retiring arrangements with refreshing new appearances. Individuals have the opportunity to acquire and preserve valuation in their balances, yet can sustain assets to profit materializing venture prospects. Low upside strategies are utterly not an aspect of Anderson's consultative proficiency. With his assistance and guidance, many people have attained reliable, enjoyable personal financial advice.

Anderson moves forward to look at brand new opportunities in markets and in procuring. With his capacity at Balanced Financial and authority both in business and in community-oriented institutions, he has very little leisure time. When he can escape everything, Greg devotes as much time as he can having fun with travel and open-air journeys beside his wife and adult children.

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