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Throughout the financial industry, Greg Anderson is known as a passionate and dedicated professional. As the founder and CEO of Balanced Financial, Inc., a full-service financial firm based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Greg and his team have helped thousands of clients achieve financial security. Through innovative investment strategies and financial planning services tailored to each client's individual needs, he has given clients the power to take charge of their financial futures.

Background and Establishment of Balanced Financial

Greg is a graduate of Colorado State University, where he excelled in his studies and was an active member of several student organizations. After completing his education, he went to work for a commercial real estate developer in Colorado. As a project manager for the firm, Greg was exposed to the complexities associated with large-scale property developments. He quickly demonstrated a knack for handling the complex nature of development projects, skillfully analyzing the projects' finances and work schedules until each project was completed successfully. His leadership in this dynamic field gained him the attention of his peers.

With his experience as a project manager and financial analyst, Greg was ready to forge his own path. He founded Balanced Financial over 25 years ago, and since then has helped thousands of business owners and individuals. His hand-selected team of finance and planning professionals is dedicated to providing expert guidance in all aspects, including legacy planning, retirement savings strategies, and investments.

A Vocal Advocate in the Financial Services Field

When he set out to create a new financial services firm, Greg Anderson knew that established strategies were only part of the picture. While one-size-fits-all solutions have their place in the industry, Greg knew that his clients deserved more personalized attention. He and his team take the time to learn as much as possible about each client, assessing their risk tolerance as well as their current and future financial goals. With this information, the team is able to develop solutions that are uniquely suited to individual needs, helping them to accumulate wealth and to preserve assets for future use, including after retirement is reached.

As a financial advocate, Greg believes that his clients can benefit from education. The financial industry is complex, and many people do not have the understanding needed to navigate its confusing waters. By providing educational resources, seminars, and information, Greg has empowered many of his clients. Greg has placed special attention on the needs of women, who often lag behind their male counterparts in financial literacy. His focus on empowering his clients is only one of many ways that Balanced Financial stands apart from its competitors. With planning and investment advice, the firm's clients are able to look forward to a bright and stable financial future. 

How Can Balanced Financial, Inc. Secure Your Retirement?

Known as a respected, passionate, and dedicated financial leader, Greg W. Anderson leads a professional team of experts who help thousands of people achieve financial security at Balanced Financial, Inc. Headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, the Balanced Financial, Inc. teams' mission is to serve businesses and families by providing innovative planning, financial strategies, and solutions that are clear, secure, and offer overall financial health.

Services Provided

Empowering Women – Since many women face unique challenges during retirement, Balanced Financial, Inc. gears each financial plan to each woman's particular needs. Since knowledge is power, we provide specific goals and objectives to empower each woman to take control of her financial life with support from our team.

Legacy Planning – Our firm is uniquely positioned to provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to legacy planning. This multifaceted process offers a variety of avenues to protect assets and transferring wealth. Included are long-term care insurance that can help protect assets from hefty long-term care expenses.

Social Security Maximization – For many retirees, their Social Security retirement benefits is most likely their largest retirement account. This foundation for retirement income can be confusing. We have designed an informational brochure to help you understand this complex process and to assist you in maximizing the most out of your Social Security benefits.

Income Planning – Retirement requires a mental shift from earning and saving to living off of that savings. However, income can be generated through other sources, even during retirement. For those planning for a comfortable retirement, our firm can assist clients by defining retirement goals, evaluating current financial situations, and help to design a retirement that is capable to generate the income needed that is both reliable and sustainable.

Long-Term Care – Balanced Financial, Inc. helps clients design a comprehensive strategy that provides for long-term care needs. No one should ever have to choose between their health and their financial future. We understand this problem and can help to develop a plan to address long-term care needs without affecting finances.

Retirement Strategies – We believe in providing people with a comprehensive retirement strategy where financial, estate, and tax needs are addressed to meet the unique goals of everyone.


In order to help empower our clients, we believe that knowledge is key. Therefore, we have compiled a containing an impressive collection of short, yet informative videos discussing a wide variety of retirement topics.


Since we pride ourselves on putting our clients first, we can boast a pleased and productive client database of thousands of . With Balanced Financial, Inc. on your side, you will be treated with integrity, given honest evaluations, and offered realistic professional advice. We truly believe in making your hard-earned money work strategically for you now and in the future.

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