Visit With Friends

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Louis- Daddy
Liam- Papa
Harry- 1

Usually when Louis woke up in the morning it was because of his son in one way or another. This morning, he woke up to babbles emanating through the baby monitor. Louis smiled sleepily as he slowly sat up in bed to go fetch his little one.
Entering the room, Louis saw Harry laying on his back and looking up at his mobile which had animals of all sorts hanging from it, and he seemed to be laughing and smiling at it.

"Good morning, my love," Louis cooed as he walked into the room. Hearing the sound of his daddy's voice, Harry turned his head to see Louis, and a grin immediately came on his face, though he seemed too lazy to actually stand up.

"Dada," Harry squealed as he cuddled into his daddy's chest. this was how Harry woke up in the morning; very cuddly and happy.

After Harry's nappy was changed, the two went downstairs for breakfast, which consisted of cereal and some messy yogurt.
"Hazza, I don't get how someone so little could make such a mess," Louis chuckled as he wiped the yogurt away from Harry's face, hair, and body. A bath would've probably been better, but Louis was going to visit his friends with Harry and he didn't have time to have a bath.

Louis then got Harry dressed in a cute blue onesie with clouds, and let his baby roll around on his bed with toys while Louis got ready. Though, it took a bit since Harry could walk and kept getting too close to the edge in Louis's opinion. Eventually, both boys were ready and left the house.

"Louis!" Niall cheered as he opened the door for both of them.
"Hey, Niall! How are you? I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!" Louis cheered as he brought Niall in for a hug. It was true, he felt like he hadn't seen Niall since Louis broke up with his girlfriend when Harry was two months old. Now, Harry's main parent was Louis but they spend time with Louis's ex-girlfriend once in awhile.

"I've been great. I've missed you though. How's this little guy?" Niall then directed his attention to Harry. Louis leaned down and got Harry out of the car seat.
"He's been good, right, little lad?" Louis cooed, kissing Harry's cheek. "So, Harry, this is your Uncle Niall, that's Uncle Liam," Louis told him as he pointed to the men. "And that's Auntie Zayn," Louis joked, causing Niall and Liam to laugh while Zayn glared at him.

Niall and Zayn both cuddled Harry, and then it was Liam's turn.
"Hey, little guy," Liam cooed as he bounced the baby around. Harry smiled up at him, reaching a hand up to touch his prickly. Harry giggled, quite liking this man. He cuddled into Liam, earning coos from all the men.

Throughout the visit, Harry stayed glued to Liam.
"Jeez, Liam, I feel like I'm chopped liver right now with you," Louis joked.
"Sorry, Lou. Actually, I need a wee. Can you take him for a minute?" Liam blushed.
"Gladly," the Yorkshire man said, taking the boy from Liam. The minute Harry left Liam's arms, the boy's eyes watered and his lip wobbled. "No, no, baby, it's okay," Louis said as he bounced the boy, but that only made Harry burst into tears.

To say Louis was relieved when Liam returned was an understatement.
"Here, he wants you," Louis said, handing Liam the bawling baby.
"Oh, uh," Liam stammered, but took the wailing baby and began bouncing the baby around.
"Papa!" The baby cried. All the men's eyes widened at the statement.
"Gosh, he loves you," Zayn chuckled when the baby was calm in Liam's arms.
"I know, sorry, Lou," Liam chuckled.
"It's fine. He'll understand when he's older. Do you mind if he calls you that?" he laughed.
"I don't mind at all," Liam reassured the man.

In Liam's arms was where Harry stayed for the rest of the visit, until it was time to go. Luckily, Louis had given Liam some milk to feed Harry before they left, so Harry was asleep as Louis carefully strapped him into the car seat. He quietly said bye to friends before departing.

He wasn't sure what Harry's reaction would be when they got home and Liam wasn't there, but he'd figure that out once the time came.

Author's Notes-

Here you go! Kind of short but I hope you like it. More will be coming soon....

Also, please go check out my Queen Imagines book if that's something you like.


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