Chapter Nineteen

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Jenna’s P.O.V.

Mark was cool, Josh was cool, and Debby was cool. I think, Tyler’s friends are cooler than the ones I have up here. No question. I’m glad to have more than just Tyler. I mean, he’s amazing, really, but… well first of all, he’s not a girl. Also, it’s would be cool to hang out with just more than one person. Soon, I’ll be graduating, and I’m not sure whether I’ll be talking to Audrey and Zoey a lot when we all go to college. Either way, it’s nice to have more than one good friend, and two ‘friends’. Plus off course, their amazing boyfriends, how on earth could I forget those two?

Tyler and I were in the car again. After unpacking everything at Mark’s. They had some really cool stuff, I saw the drums and all that, which was pretty sick. Even better than that, Tyler invited me to come to a show of theirs soon. Off course I said yes, and I was genuinely excited to see Tyler and Josh play live. I wanted to avoid talking about his music a little longer though, since he was probably going to ask me for my opinion, and that would probably be the best moment to ask him about Guns For Hands, which honestly was a subject that I probably wanted to avoid for now. I’ll ask him when we arrive at the… “wait, where are we going again?” I asked both myself and Tyler. “uhm, well. I wanted to go to the forest again, but then I realized that that’s on the other side of town, and somewhere near there’s a lake where I like to go sometimes. I mean, you can’t swim there so it’s usually really calm, except for some people who are fishing, I guess. I mean, if you want to go there.” He asked. “Yeah, sounds nice.”

A little later we pulled into the parking lot near the lake. Tyler got out first and opened the door for me. “Why thank you.” I said in a posh accent. Tyler smiled and got a blanket and a bottle of ice tea out of the trunk. “Sorry, it’s not really cold, but well, I know you like ice tea and tea, so I guess this is just somewhere in between.” I chuckled and nodded. “deal with it, guurl.” He added sarcastically, which made me chuckle even more, and also made himself laugh. It was literally the cutest laugh I had ever heard. I had heard him laugh before, just not this genuine and cute and gahhh. Whyyyy brain, stop it. –but it’s okay to adore your friend their laugh right?- I felt an inner dialogue come up, but then I heard Tyler say “let’s go, then?” snapping me out of my thoughts, which was probably a good thing.

“We have to walk about a mile, maybe a little more. This is the nearest parking lot on this side of the lake, I think. The other side is where most fishing people are. But I prefer this side anyways.” Tyler said, when we started walking. “Okay, I wonder what it’s like. But  think I’ll love it anyways. I mean, if you like it, I think I like it too.” It didn’t really sound flirty, yet flirtier than intended. I saw Tyler looking over at me, smiling, revealing part of his perfectly crooked teeth. I smiled back, and decided to break the silence. “So when’s your next show?” He thought for a second. “Pretty soon actually, uhm, Sunday in two weeks I’m leaving for LA with Josh, to have some meetings with the label, so I guess it’s the Thursday before that. Yeah, that’s it. You think you can make it?” I nodded, “yeah, I think so. My finals end the day after, so I guess I’ll just study in front. Shouldn’t be a problem.” I smiled. “Wait, you’re leaving for Seattle Friday night, right?” He asked, and I replied by nodding my head, and quickly added that I could barely be there during my graduation (which wasn’t actually a concern for me, since well, I’d probably skip the parties anyways.) “Do you have anyone to take you to the airport?” he quickly glanced, than quickly turned his gaze to the other side. “Uhm, yea well, not really, I’m using public transport, I guess.” His face saddened a bit, “No one is waving you goodbye?” He asked, pity in his voice. "Nope.." I said, semi-fake pouting. "Aww, the poor girl," he mocked, putting an arm around my shoulder. "But, at what time is your flight? I think I can get you to the airport if you'd like." We were both blushing a little and I felt a smile creep up my lips. "Uhm, I think I have to be at the airport at nine or something, and I'd love it if you'd bring me." I looked over at him, still smiling. When he looked back, he started smiling too, his eyes bright. "Okay, then I guess that's settled." 

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