All The Things She Said. (LESBIAN)

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All The Things She Said (chapter 1. )

(Just something new im trying out, enjoy... and if anyone got the reference to the t.A.T.u. song in the title bonus points :)) )

Have you ever listened to that song "Hallelujah" by Jeff Buckley? It's fucking beautiful. The way he sings about this girl and contorts his face with every word, and every time I listen to it I think of her. Every time I hear his raspy voice professing his almost suicidal love for this girl that grips him with such an intensity that it made every second before he knew her worthless, I think of her. I love her.

"Ade?" I look up snapped cruelly back to reality by my friend Dahlia. I look at her big brown eyes questioningly and she points to my paper. "You're writing lyrics again."

I look at my paper and see that it's covered in tiny scribbles and can feel a blush coming on. Dahlia notices this and smirks. "So, who's the lucky guy?"

I shake my head and quickly erase the lyrics making sure Dahlia doesn't notice the name written in the corner: Katrina. I know I should began thinking of a lie now, everyone's noticed how love struck I've become and as soon as class is over I'm going to have to give them an answer. And there's no way I'm going to tell them that it's a girl that's got me so hot. I quickly look at Dahlia guiltily, like I think she can read my thoughts. I guess I could tell them I like Devon. Devon the football player, football as in American soccer. Yes, its perfect, Devon is way out of my league so no chance they'd try to set us up. And a lot of girls have a crush on him so no surprise there. Dahlia yawns loudly, she's staring at the teacher with a bored expression on her face. She's my best friend here but I just can't tell her I'm gay. I am gay, aren't I? For sure. I mean I've known since I was four and I tried to "make babies" with my neighbor Trish. Yes, I am most defiantly gay.  

The bell rings and I quickly grab my books and rush out of class. Dahlia's quick to follow and we end up outside near the football field. And of course there's Devon running around in his little uniform with his fluffy whitish blonde hair and squashed nose. And of course a crowd of girls around him.

"So you going to tell me what's up?" Dahlia says a little out of breath, I nod a little and sit on the grass. Its pretty here, this is the second semester of my first year in boarding school and I'm still baffled by the scenery, it's a huge change from our apartment in the States. I was born in Brighton but my family moved to the States when I was nine. We just moved back the beginning of this year and I've officially been enrolled in a boarding school while the rest of my family lives an hour away by train in London. "Hello?" Dahlia waves her hand impatiently.

"Yeah, sorry, what's up?" I smile at her. Her brows furrow, crinkling her brown skin. Her black hair is blowing in the wind and I can tell she's pissed considering how long it took her to straighten it. She's watching me curiously before I remember her question.

"Oh that, yeah I like Devon." I mutter. I see doubt flash in her eyes before she starts squealing like any other girl and teasing me. She pushes my arm and I scowl as I fall back into the wet grass.

"Damn girl, I mean he's not my type but you've got taste." She says smirking and then frowns suddenly, "And a little competition." I follow her gaze to some squealing underclassmen and I nod absentmindedly. Dahlia squeals again and hugs me. "No offence but I was beginning to think you were a dyke or something, and then when you were all blushy and day dreamy lately I was thought you had yourself a girl." I gave her a look and hoped she didn't notice that I stopped breathing at the word dyke. Did she actually think that? Was I really that obvious? I mean, sure, I'm always disgusted whenever my friends talk about fucking their boyfriends and I've always turned down guys who ask me out but dayaamn, am I really that obvious? I can feel her watching me, observing me as if waiting for me to do something, let something slip, say anything that would prove her right. I need to say something fast, like a straight girl whose friend just called her a lezzy. So I say the first thing that comes to mind.

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