Winter Wonderland Pt.2

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Justin and Jack grab the bags and set them down at the front while taking out the keys and opening the door. They let me and Lilly in while carrying all the bag in.

"Daddy do you need help?" I ask Jack.

"Princess we all know in reality you truly don't wanna carry bags, plus princesses don't need to worry there little heads about things like that. Daddy's got it angel." He smiles and slightly giggles.

I turn and my eyes cannot believe what it's seeing. This place is absolutely beautiful and so cozy looking.

  "Omg daddy this place is awesome!" Lilly says to Justin while running to hug him tightly.

  Lilly and I run off to do some more exploring. We see everything from a pool, a game room, a movie room, a play room for me an Lilly to enjoy, and more. As we're upstairs playing with the huge dollhouse in the play room we hear Justin call both of us downstairs.

Once I reach downstairs I see that Jack has on his coat and boots but Justin doesn't.

"I'm going to get some groceries for the house. Adrianna you can stay with Justin and Lilly if you want or you can come grocery shopping with me." He say while getting his car keys from the kitchen table.

"Mmmmm I think I'll go with you daddy. I wanna go out and see the area and also I wanna make sure you get all that good snacks." I run to put on my coat and daddy helps me put on my shoes.

"We'll be here unpacking our stuff and getting comfortable." Justin says while holding Lilly's hand.

"Okay byeee. Oh and I'll make sure to get your favorite snacks Lilly." I say while giggling as I walk out the door with Jack.

We drive through town for a bit before we get to the grocery store and I'm amazed how beautiful this place is. Everything is so peaceful and covered with snow. I even saw a deer as we passed by the woods.

We get to the grocery store and Jack let's me sit in the big part of the cart where the groceries go. We go up and down the isles and pick up what we need to make dinner, breakfast, and lunch. Daddy also let me pick up some of me and Lilly's favorite snacks.

Once we're done paying for everything daddy carries all the groceries to the trunk of the car and then helps me buckle myself in the car.

"How do you like the vacation so far?" Daddy asked me.

"I love it. Everything is so beautiful around here. I'm so happy you and Justin planned this for Lilly and I."  I respond with a huge smile.

"I'm happy that you're happy. Plus I thought it would be cool to include Justin and Lilly because that's your bestie and you guys can have all the crazy fun together." He laughs a bit and gives a content smile.

Once we get back I helped Jack put away the groceries and then we headed off to our room that was down the hall from Lilly's and Justin's room. I help daddy unpack the suitcases by handing him clothing piece by piece so he can put it inside the drawers.

By the time we're finished all I can think about is taking a nice shower and getting into some comfortable pajamas.

"Daddy I'm gonna go take a shower. I'll be out in a few." I say as I walk to the bathroom that's inside our bedroom. Before I can close they door Jack's foot is holding it open.

"I don't get an invite?" He asks with a smirk on his face.

"Mmmm no not really" I laugh.

"Awww okay. It was worth a shot" he turns to walk out the bathroom. I don't know what I was thinking but I quickly pulled him into the bathroom room shutting the door. I tippy toe up to kiss him and the he flings me around to where I'm up against the wall instead.

"I'm the luckiest man on earth." He says in a deep and low voice that made my whole body tingle.

He slowly started undressing me and I did the same to him. I couldn't help but feel a little conscious being naked in front of him as his eyes roamed my body.

"You're absolutely beautiful angel" he say kissing down my neck and on my shoulders. He helps me into the shower as he follows behind me. The feeling of the hot water running down my body put me at ease. Jack soaped up a rag and gently cleaned my body and the look on his face was complete focus. The way his hands rubbed against me body made me get goosebumps.

"Can I do you daddy?" I ask while holding out my hand for the soapy rag.

"Sure babygirl" he hands me the rag and holds me close.

I gently run the rag all over his chest, slowly tracing his muscles. As I continue to soap his body a stop once I reach his member. I instantly feel my cheeks get hot and red.

"It's okay baby I got that part." He giggles and kisses my forehead. I don't know what came over me but I got a dose of braveness. I reach down and begin to stroke his member while kissing his neck like how he kissed mine. I can feel him growing harder and harder and the look on his face tells me that I'm doing this right.

"Fuck" he whispers under his breath and I feel something hot run down my hand. I giggle and kiss his cheek before I rinse off and get out the shower, leaving him to collect his thoughts.

I get dressed in my comfy pajamas and walk downstairs to watch some cartoons in the living room. A few minutes pass and Lilly comes downstairs in her pajamas also with her hair wet so I can tell she just got out the shower.

"Where's Justin?" I ask her.

"He got out the shower and had to take an important phone call so he's in our room." She responds while watching the cartoons playing on the tv.

I hear footsteps coming down the stairs. I turn to see Jack with his sweats and a t-shirt on. Even in comfy clothes he still looks amazing. He walks to the kitchen and takes out some ingredients to make dinner for everyone.

About an hour later the food is ready and everyone one is seated at the table. Daddy made steak with potatoes and veggies. I ate everything on my plate because it was all so delicious.

We all gather on the living room couch and watch a movie and some popcorn. A little bit into the movie I start to get sleepy and daddy can tell.

He picks me up and carries me to the bedroom and lays me down on the bed, covering my body with the fluffy blankets.

"Goodnight princess" daddy whispers in my ear and kisses my forehead.



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